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Born in Terre Haute, IN. and grew up in Columbus. My family moved to Texas and have been here ever since. I have never once wavered in my support of THE Ohio State University. I bleed Scarlet and Gray and will till the day I die. I refuse to wear the colors Blue or yellow the week of THE GAME. I am also a United States Marine... Oh and Ann Arbor is a whore.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Three big ones for me. I won the Heisman trophy for playing QB in the football league I played in in 8th grade. second, I am a scratch golfer and have qualified for USGA National championships and finally I have raced and done 8 Ironman Triathlons and qualified for the World Championships.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Chris Spielman, Eddie George, Troy Smith, Dwayne Haskins and AJ Hawk
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Clark Kellogg, Jimmy Jackson, John Havlicek and Mike Conley jr.
  • NFL TEAM: Hou Texans, Cincy, Washington Redskins
  • NHL TEAM: Columbus Blue Jackets
  • NBA TEAM: Houston Rockets.
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Reds and Houston Astros
  • SOCCER TEAM: Columbus Crew, Houston Dynamo

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Comment 05 Dec 2019

you lost me when you were equating the Bengals to doing the right or smart thing. I have been a LiFE long Bengals fan, 45 years and I still don't or probably will never understand that organization. The Brown family firmly gives ZERO F's

Comment 03 Dec 2019

Blu, thanks for stopping in, was curious to see how long it would be and it was faster than I thought. Kudos to you.  I'll respond to your talking points

1. Talent gap, it's HUGE, Speed gap is HUGE but beyond that the biggest concern I see and former TTUN players I know see this as the biggest is talent development. You guys are struggling to get in the real "Studs" and the ones you do are not being developed into ELITE players.  Coach Mick is where this all starts and stops for us, THAT man is who sets the tone for our 100% complete and total domination of teams. I truly believe he may be the most valuable person in our system. Something has to change in that department for you guys, Strength and Conditioning

2. Preparation, first off let's discuss Fields and the online classes. more and more universities are moving to online classes, it allows them to not have to "grow" from and administration standpoint on sight and can handle more students. My wifes best friend is the Chair of the English and Criminal Justice Depts at a University near us and she is hiring more and more professors to proctor and evaluate online the students to handle online classes than she can keep up with. Second the people discussing the online classes being able to be cheated thru or rife for abuse forget Fields first offer was from Harvard and first P5 offer was from Northwestern and he was offered from Duke and a few other HIGH HIGH academic schools. Fields had a 3.9gpa and scored a 29 on the ACT. He has a father who is a police officer who runs a tight tight household and holds Justin to a HIGH standard. It is just not in his DNA to be "that guy". Thirdly in respects to the online classes and spending more time on football. The NCAA regulates how much time a team can practice each week. it is the same for all schools and they watch this CLOSELY because they do not want to turn schools into sports factories. So the idea that he is out practicing with the team or anything is not happening. Now he could be studying film privately or reviewing his playbook sure, but what student athlete doesn't

3. Mistakes- games are all riddled with mistakes and each team has the opportunity to take those and overcome them, case in point our game against Penn State, we looked like the Keystone Cops in the third quarter but we didn't get down on ourselves and let them define us. We overcame that adversity and handled our business, that is closely related to the culture of a program and something I think TTUN is struggling with. I was seriously disappointed in seeing the shoe business and the really late hit, there is no room in THE GAME for that. I know emotions run REALLY high in this game but to see two players attempting to take a players shoe off is just childish. I know you agree. 

4. I know you said luck didn't play a part in the game but let me say this I raced and coached Ironmans for over 12 years and I use to tell all my athletes the night before their big race or Ironman that I don't wish people luck because luck is for the ill prepared.  I firmly believe our approach to training for the game is at an elite level and we prepare better for it. it is an obsession. We prepare to go out an execute at a high level for this game and they have already started for next years game. 

lastly- my tone may have come off a little harsh but I can assure you it wasn't meant to be at all. I have a ton of respect for this rivalry and have close friends that are graduates from TSUN, hell one of my closest friends is Jim Harbaughs next door neighbor and an alum.  My Dads best friend played for Bo in the 70's.  right now you guys are at point where it can either change or get drastically worse for the foreseeable future. SOMETHING has to change for you guys.  I also think that you guys will be way better off without Shea Patterson, his ego doesn't match his abilities and I also think he is not a great leader. Dylan has a higher upside and makes me a little more nervous than Shea did. IF Dylan can get his throws on target he is going to be formidable over the next 2 years. 

I really appreciate you coming in and having the balls to discuss with us the game and your level headed responses. You're a good man. 

Comment 03 Dec 2019

THIS, I never ( in school then) said one word about anything other than how much I hated John Cooper. my oldest son went to a private school where we live and it was The John Cooper School and it burned my ass we wrote a check that had that name on it every year. No it was not OUR John Cooper but still. 

Comment 30 Nov 2019

I'm super blessed, my wife of 21 years is from Texas and is a HUGE football lover.  She understands that Thanksgiving week is very up and down for me. She knows the stress I feel over the game. She Wears Scarlet and Gray on game day. thankfully all three of my kids get it, the oldest is a freshman in college at Texas A&M and even he wears Buckeye gear all the time. My two at home still are Buckeye die hards as well. the only thing is my wife doesn't understand how I can hate a school or state so much. 

Comment 27 Nov 2019

Good question and should get some interesting responses. Man this one is a tough one though. I'll give a list of 5 that if ANY of them showed up I'd be happy to hang with

1. Eddie George - this one is personal actually because he hit on my girlfriend when he was with the Houston Oilers. She worked at Gucci in the Galleria and he would come by and ask her out all the time. We aren't together anymore but it would be fun to say hey remember this woman? haha

2. Chris Spielman - This is the Buckeye that that really solidified my love for the team and school when I was in junior high. I mean I was already a die hard but something about him and his dominance. I cut out EVERY picture I could find of him from Sports Illustrated and the newspaper and hang them on my bedroom walls.

3. Terry McLaurin-  Just a phenomenal young man and athlete. I really believe he will go down as one of the greatest leaders the Buckeyes have ever had. 

4. Maurice Clarett - Just because of his story and everything he's dealt with. I love that he has turned his life around. 

5. Jim Tressel - I mean who wouldn't want to sit and talk to him about the game and discuss how he built the architecture that would become the dominance that it is today.  I mean he is the man that righted the ship and captained it into smooth waters. 

consolation - Archie Griffin, Craig Krenzel, David Boston and AJ Hawk 

Comment 26 Nov 2019

I think the idea that TTUN  has all of a sudden become a juggernaut needs to be tempered in that the teams that you have played are not elite, ND game was a mess and you guys jumped out early on them and they felt the pressure bad, the weather worked in your favor as did Home Field advantage. MSU is just terrible, Indiana doesn't have the same defensive abilities as some of the better teams and nowhere near PSU.  Right now the best football that you guys have played is the second half of the PSU game. As for your comment on OSU's offense being better, are you comparing us to last year or TTUN. last year? maybe but at the same time we are way more balanced and with Fields ability to run the way he can is really scary. We have the highest 3rd down conversion rate not only this year but in the last decade at 58%, THAT is something that should concern TTUN.  Yes, Haskins has a better arm but you forget that Fields won the MVP at the Elite 11 competition over Trevor Lawrence and the recruiting director is on record saying he would mortgage his house on Fields and is the most impressive QB he is has worked with possibly ever.  Fields reminds me of Vince Young where he never looks stressed or in severe strain. This kid is at another level of ability.  This is the most complete team from tOSU that you guys maybe have ever faced, at least in the last 10 years. 

Comment 26 Nov 2019

Ah my kindred souls and brothers from those dark years. Dreams of national championships dashed and every year watching that blue and urine celebrate. I like may Cooper era "survivors" will NEVER take a win for granted and NEVER be ok with anything other than pure dominance against them. They can suck a big fatty as far as I am concerned. F TTUN! 

Comment 25 Nov 2019

I live in Texas and the only part of the state that OU has a firm grip is the DFW area, It's like OU south. The rest of the state is predominately Texas and Texas A&M.  DFW area produces a LOT of exceptional talent  that is for sure but A&M is starting to take from that market recently. 

Comment 19 Nov 2019

I have never been one to make predictions or talk about my "feelings" for any Buckeye game, ever. I seriously fear I'm going to jinx it. even to Rutgers, I won't say we will win.  As for the Penn State game I tend to fear them more than TTUN for some reason, Nerves don't grip them like the pressure in THE GAME does to TTUN.  I will say I've never felt this confident in a Buckeye team in I don't know how long and I'm 45yrs old.

Comment 12 Nov 2019

I don't really get the hate for the OP bringing this to the board.  I mean with what Day did in the first half gives strong credence to the fact that Maryland had something to do with this. who I don't know.  It is highly possible that it is the former HS coach and why? because why not? people get angry all the time and do stupid shit. maybe he didn't find out until right around the Wisconsin game. I don't know the why but the way Coach treated them lends me to believe that where there is smoke there is fire.  the best part in all of this was the kid decommitting. haha. 

Comment 11 Nov 2019

First off, yes he is a fucking idiot 

two there is a reason he flapping his fat jawls on espn in the mornings and not on the sidelines, he's a shit coach

three Rex Ryan loves the schtick he has created which is be the devils advocate to the most logical thought process. 

Don't pay him any mind. 

Now do I believe ESPN has an agenda against us? no but I do believe they have a LOT of pro SEC folks AND if you do the research like I have they have a shit ton of employees that graduated from TTUN sooooo put two and two together. 

Comment 11 Nov 2019

while I don't disagree that Alabama would score and possibly beat Minny I don't think they would shred them. Alabama's defense is not good this year and I think Minny would score enough points to make them work 

Comment 11 Nov 2019

I don't think OU gets in even if they win out. they will have beat 2 ranked teams and both were overrated. They lost to an unranked team and barely beat an unranked ISU.  Their hill is a significant one to climb that would also have multiple scenarios that would have to happen. 

My CFP prediction

1. LSU ( they will win out and with everyone's love of the SEC will rank them over us)

2. THE

3. Clemson

4. Pac 12 champ/ Alabama- let's assume Oregon wins out, they will need Auburn to beat Alabama or their loss to Auburn lessens their chances of getting in. They need Auburn to win and they need to win out. Utah winning out isn't a 100% guarantee of getting in unless Auburn wins and knocks out Alabama. Both Oregon and Utah need Auburn to win and one of them win out to get in. 

If Alabama wins out then it gives them the 4th slot I believe. 

For OU to get in they need to win out and win out by blowing everyone out AND have Oregon or Utah lose a second game on top of losing/winning the PAC 12 and need Auburn to beat Alabama.  I say this because if Oregon or Utah win out and they are sitting at one loss then the fact the PAC 12 has been left out of the last 4 CFP's I think gives the committee enough reason to include them if they are looking at a 1 loss OU and 1 loss Alabama non conference champ. 

Basically ALL 1 loss teams need Auburn to win to solidify their ability to jump Alabama. 

For the B1G to get two teams in then Minnesota needs to win out and then give us fits in the B1G championship. I don't think it needs to be as close as a 2point conversion but within one score might do the trick. They played in a conference championship and have a higher ranked win than Alabama. 

The PAC 12 needs Utah to win out with one loss to have the best chance. If Oregon wins out and Alabama beats Auburn then you have a common opponent in Auburn and Oregon lost to them so the committee will call it a "push" with Alabama beating Auburn and Oregon being a conference champion. 

Comment 07 Nov 2019

1974 Gen X'r here. I was in school during the height of the John Cooper era, I still have heartburn and it is also one of the reasons why I NEVER talk shit about the TTUN game. I just can't, I lived through so many "almost" years that I can't talk about it. every damn year thinking this is it and heart break.