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Born in Terre Haute, IN. and grew up in Columbus. My family moved to Texas and have been here ever since. I have never once wavered in my support of THE Ohio State University. I bleed Scarlet and Grey and will till the day I die. I refuse to wear the colors Blue or yellow the week of THE GAME. I am also a United States Marine... Oh and Ann Arbor is a whore.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Three big ones for me. I won the Heisman trophy for playing QB in the football league I played in in 8th grade. second, I am a scratch golfer and have qualified for USGA National championships and finally I have raced and done 8 Ironman Triathlons and qualified for the World Championships.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Chris Spielman, Eddie George, Troy Smith, Dwayne Haskins and AJ Hawk
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Clark Kellogg, Jimmy Jackson, John Havlicek and Mike Conley jr.
  • NFL TEAM: Houston Texans and Cincinnati Bengals
  • NHL TEAM: Columbus Blue Jackets
  • NBA TEAM: Houston Rockets.
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Reds and Houston Astros
  • SOCCER TEAM: Columbus Crew

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Comment 16 Apr 2019

Yes it can be the same thing but again at this level and where TTUN craves to be ( in the discussion for one of the top elite programs) being a bridesmaid but never the bride will leave you sad and lonely.  Believe me I'm not discounting the huge improvement the program has made but this is kind of like the John Cooper years for us, he racked up some incredible wins each season but the ONE game that mattered and he shit his pants. Right now if I'm a recruit and I'm looking at TTUN what I see is a team that has fun trips in the spring, wins 10 games a season but doesn't win the big games. Not just against us but ND, MSU, Bowl games. Jimmy is not getting them over the hump. I know the counter argument to this which is as a recruit you would want to go there to be THE guy to get the over the hump Unfortunately in football it doesnt work that way unless you are QB or RB to a lesser degree. If this was golf, sure, one guy can carry a team.  the thing that makes me really scratch my head is the constant arrogance by a LOT of the fanbase, now in all fairness that arrogance has gone down over the winter after the 62 points put up but shit man it's April and you have coaches and players up there giving us bulletin board material about Coach Mattison and Coach Washington.  What I see is not a lack of talent, you have a ton, it's a lack of focus on what matters. They are easy to get riled up and lose focus.  If I'm Harbaugh I'd have a media lock down or have a policy where we don't discuss anything but the path we are on and what we are focused on achieving. Oh, and I sincerely hope you just forgot to put the last sentence of yours in italics for a sarcastic font...

Comment 13 Apr 2019

Thats all well in good but what did any of those 10 win seasons get you ? I'll tell you what, constant and persistent reminders that the program is good, not elite. Coupled with Chris Partridge's hot head comments a couple of days ago and I see typical TTUN attitude, ability completely detached from perceived ability.  I hope we hang 70 on the team again and see how much of a peacock Partridge is after that. I've never seen a more arrogant program that has only won ONE shared National championship. I have a ton of respect for the program, I really do but the cockiness NOT confidence some of the coaches and players have is head scratching. 

Comment 27 Mar 2019

I live in H-Town and would LOVE to see either of these guys here, hell use our top pick to grab McLaurin but I think they will take an O-Line guy as Watson needs protection AND get rid of the ball faster. We lost Thomas after the season ( guy from Denver) and we really need a strong number 2 to take some of the heat off of Hopkins. 

Comment 27 Mar 2019

McLaurin has a huge ceiling in my opinion. He is a physical guy, blazing speed and good hands. I honestly don't care what fans think. This group of receivers coming out is special. I'd really like to see Johnnie Dixon get a shot but his past knee problems might be a concern. Parris will get his shot but I think McLaurin will have a bigger impact in the NFL because he is much more physical and has the size to take hits better. 

Comment 26 Mar 2019

this is just part of his look over there campaign. He is literally throwing shit up against the wall to see what sticks and in his best effort try like hell to say to Nike see I told you. There is a good chance that if nike is cooperating they are under a gag order while the investigation is going on so as to not tip off anyone the feds are going after. Avenatti is a fucking crook, domestic abuser, tax dodging, thief. Hell even Stormy Daniels said she wasn't shocked by this event and that she dropped him from representing her. This guy got his 15 min of fame is doing anything he can to stretch it out. He SERIOUSLY needs to be dis-barred. 

Comment 26 Mar 2019

The problem is he tried to EXTORT money out of Nike. If he was honorable or a decent lawyer he would have gone to the proper authorities and reported it and then sued Nike for damages to his client if he could prove it. The problem is there is exactly 0% chance Nike wasn't under the microscope already for the same thing adidas was. Based on his track record he had some bozo who tried to get Nike to pay him (they didn't) or they paid him less than someone else ( this was an AAU coach where Nike is allowed to sponsor kids and teams) and got his panties in a wad and said "oh I know how to stick it to Nike" got ahold of Avenatti and Avenatti looked at the evidence, knew he would never win the case and prayed that Nike "settled" with him. Well they called his bluff. This is why you DON"T NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS. NOTHING WILL SATISFY THEM and others will come out of the woodworks. Good for Nike, Avenatti is a douche of epic proportions who should be dis-barred. 

Comment 24 Mar 2019

Hey Maine I'm gonna leave this for you right here. enjoy reading

Comment 21 Mar 2019

Lebron himself said on multiple occasions had he chose to continue football he would have gone to Ohio State and played D-End. His height and arm length would have made him a nightmare to throw over and with his size and speed virtually impossible to block. Crazy what might of been

Comment 20 Mar 2019

what this amounts to is this...The prosecutors probably chose the weakest out of the 200 cases that would go to trial. This is a management of time situation because with the amount of "Johns" this case uncovered.  If every John chose to fight the charges and take it to trial the prosecutors will be in court forever so they are going to cut their losses to get shit off the books so they can focus on the cases that will be bigger slam dunks and carry more penalties. This has nothing to do with being rich

Comment 19 Mar 2019

No just endless scandal's that USC is always involved with, literally they are involved in a scandal about every other month. He can report to Lynn Swann who has had calls for his resignation and are getting louder, now USC is involved with the cheating scandal of kids "faking" their way into the school. USC is a dumpster fire with people throwing gas on it weekly. I wouldn't go anywhere near that place

Comment 18 Mar 2019

You clearly aren't old enough to remember SMU prior to the death penalty. SMU, for one is a ridiculously good academic schools and yes as good or better than UNC and two was a damn good athletic school that competed for championships in the old Southwestern Conference.  They are irrelevant now because of the ban, before it they were right up there with some top schools in terms of fielding competitive teams. I mean shit, Eric Dickerson went there and he was a HIGHLY recruited RB out of Texas and his choice of many schools. 

I have zero affiliation to SMU but I live in Texas, SMU was not a school that was "irrelevant",it was a big deal. 

Comment 16 Mar 2019

lol to looking weak? gtfoh man, These top recruits watch what one another do and if we have guys pulling stuff like this then it sends a message to other recruits like something isn't right. When we have guys like Gee Scott Jr, who are all in and don't even talk about other schools it shows a strong bond and trust. These kids want a strong vibe going into the school amongst other recruits. 

Comment 16 Mar 2019

The problem I have with it isn't the fun weekend trip with the friends part...It's the retweeting all the tweets about him going to Tennessee or tweets about how great it is there...that to me is a telling sign.  It is very disappointing that someone who has stepped up into that leadership position does something like this, it looks weak and Coach Day needs to address it. 

Comment 09 Mar 2019

Bingo Bucksknowwhatitis I was around KM at Texas A&M thru a strength and conditioning program and new multiple players who despised him. Said he was a cancer in the locker room and bitched about everything. They would also say he talked shit about every other QB on roster and had zero leadership qualities. Honestly I hope the Cardinals do pick him because it will expose Kingsbury and Murray faster and we can have them go away.  My son is a QB and works with two QB coaches, one an NFL former QB and another guy. The former NFL guy has told me on multiple occasions that while what Murray did in College and HS is really impressive the NFL figures out these "special talents" really quick and NFL Defenses are faster, smarter and hit a hell of a lot harder. He said if he can't play under center then he won't survive at all. Personally I am not shocked at all by what your friend has said because the kid displays the arrogance of an asshat.   I mean shit look at Bucky Brooks trying to shift the goalposts for Murray with his tweets about "what some see as cocky and arrogance others see swag"...saying that they need more diversity and perspective in these meetings. BULL SHIT. Haskins is being judged by the same guys as has every other QB in the league. It's insulting to to imply that these guys haven't seen cocky assholes before.  They are elite judgers of talent. 

Comment 09 Mar 2019

I live in Texas and see BIG 12 football all the time. you cannot begin to fathom how bad the defense is down here. murray essentially went out and balled week in week out, I'm not shocked at all that he struggled on the whiteboard or game planning. Lincoln Riley did it for him

Comment 04 Mar 2019

Nope, I was coming on here to say the exact same thing. The only thing that makes me think it wasn't was the whole Josh Rosen scrubbing the cardinals from his IG errrr says it was hacked. I certainly believe that the cardinals are fanning the fire to get people thinking about trading up. especially if they know the Giants want Haskins and trade with them and let them trade up to grab him and pick up a 2nd rounder in the process. Bosa to the Niners and the Cards slide to 6 and grab Murray or they are fine with keeping Rosen and just want to see what they can get for the top pick and someone trades up for Bosa or Williams. I think the Cardinals are the only legit possibility of Murray going above Haskins but I also think the Cards will be looking for a new coach in two years. 

As for Murray, The only thing he has is he is an elite athlete. He isn't a leader, he isn't someone who takes charge. You wan that from your QB. Also the 28" arms has to be a concern, my 7th grade son who plays QB is 5'10" and has 29 1/2" arms. Murray is a cocky little arrogant shit in my book. when they played Texas in the B1G 12 chip they interviewed Sam Ehlinger and asked him about Murrays abilities and he offered quality comments and spoke highly of him as a competitor...they asked Murray (after telling him what Sam said ,all good things) about Sam and he scoffed and said "no comment". I get trying to game someone or get in a competitors head but this was just a crass asshole answer. 

Comment 03 Mar 2019

Two of my closest friends in life played in the NFL for MANY years. One is a DT and just retired and the second is a QB who played for 3 teams and started at one.  BOTH when I've asked their opinions on Murray have said the same thing. Every 3-4 years someone comes along that everyone says is the second coming of Christ and they will be the greatest and that hasn't happened. Both say these two things. NFL Defenses figure out mobile QB's quick, REAL quick and if he drops to under 200 he's gonna get snapped in half. The QB has said the same thing as well as, I don't care how you slice it, an NFL QB ( to be effective has to at some point to a good degree play under center and being short like him is going to make him struggle. Also throwing out of the pocket in college against one high reads and lax defenses is hell of a lot easier than throwing out of an NFL pocket, he just chuckles. Murray is going to have some of the meanest, baddest dudes salivating waiting to break his ass in two.  

As for his height...No, he is not 5'10". I have stood next to him twice and was taller than him and I am 5'10" on the number. both in the same type shoes and I was taller. the last time was last year. I fully believe the NFL lied on his measurement, dead ass serious. They have the murray hype train going so fast and desperately want him to be a star so bad to bring fans in and watch and purchase merchandise that if he came in under 5'10" it would kill the momentum. We will NEVER see a tape of him being measured for height or any other measuring's. They wrote down what they felt was "good enough" but not so generous it wouldn't be outright a crazy lie. 

Comment 03 Mar 2019

the problem is he shouldn't be "raw" at this point. Raw is someone like Zach Harrison who has every tool to leave here being a top pick in the draft.  I actually don't lay this completely at the feet of the coaching staff. There has to be something inside each person that has to be perverse almost in that they can't stand to think someone is outworking them, out lifting them, out learning them and Rashan doesn't have that. He is a classic case of being told you're the best your whole life and it's filtered into his head so he's rolling up like I'm good.  I mean wtf shows up in all the pre combine pics and videos of a sweatshirt with your own "brand" initials. his whole starting his own representation company to me is comical. This is the Lavar Ball world we are living in. Rashan wants to be have that life but doesn't want to do what it will take be in that life.  He will go down as a bust if he is picked in the first 10 slots

Comment 28 Feb 2019

I live in Texas and everything in my life revolves around the colors Scarlet and Grey. I don't wear ANY Blue in the month of November and if I'm not in a suit I wear something with tOSU on every day. EVERY. DAY. Tshirt, golf shirt, multiple jackets, Hats, wristbands that never get taken off that say Buckeye Nation. If I don't wear something w/ tOSU on it I have on scarlet and grey in some way. To take my obsession a step further...I love adidas and their shoes and some of the lifestyle stuff they have but because i wear SO MUCH Ohio State stuff and it's a Nike school I rarely if ever wear any of the adidas stuff I have because I never mix brands when I wear them. I will wear Lululemon pants and a Buckeyes shirt but I can't wear Ohio State stuff with my adidas kicks. The tough one is my oldest is headed to the Naval Academy next year and I'm so torn about wearing stuff to support him because of their colors. dead ass serious. 

Comment 28 Feb 2019

I'm that guy and I'm calling full BULL SHIT. I am dead on 5'10' and I was looking down at his eyes. both in running shoes.Unless he hit some kind of crazy growth spirt there is absolutely zero chance he is 5'10". I seriously would not be surprised if the NFL is covering up his real height or measured at the top of his spiky hair. dead serious. that kid is NOT 5 foot fucking 10. I will find a pic of me and my oldest son. my oldest son is 6'6" and I'm 5'10" ( I married a 6'0"woman for breeding purposes, she hates when I say that but there is some truth to it haha). you will se the discrepancy between me and my son and Kyler and Haskins from Heisman and you guys can be the judge. 

Comment 28 Feb 2019

Living in Texas I saw a lot more of Baker than most and while he has started his first year out great a lot of this can be attributed to low hanging fruit and people sleeping on the Browns. Baker has some issues with two things, one forcing things and two allowing his emotions to take over. Baker is an alpha male and not since Kozar has the Browns had a real leader in the QB position. His raw emotions and cockiness rallied them but I would say that more than pure talent led to them looking more unified. I would say this question is tough to answer since Haskins is more likely to land with a team that he won't start with ( as per current projections) so it's going to be tough to evaluate. Bakers cockiness WILL end up costing them some games or yards. He literally CAN'T control himself sometimes. I saw it week in week out down here. Haskins has more poise and to me leadership qualities that aren't based on being an asshole to a former coach or saying he woke up feeling dangerous. People are not realizing that Haskins biggest asset is not his arm it's his brains, this kid has some next level ability to read the defense and run a pro style offense his first year as QB.  Haskins to me has the higher upside long term provided he has a solid line to throw behind but that is the issue for a lot of talented QB's in the league. I still think Haskins can be super productive out of the gun with an inferior line because of how quick he can release the ball. Deshaun Watson was someone that everyone said is going to be a superstar and he might end up being one but Deshaun is REALLY slow to pull the trigger some times and his line loses their leverage and he goes down or throws it away. Haskins under center and poise in the pocket are his needs to work on and if he gets a year or two with someone like Eli or hell Brady let's say if he slips and they trade up to be mentored under I can see Haskins have a far brighter future in the NFL.  I just returned from L.A. and was with part of the group that is around Haskins preparing him for the draft, mind you these guys are working with a lot of pro prospects and other guys prepping for the draft and the one theme I heard the whole time was "Haskins is about to shock the world", these are well known HIGHLY respected guys who have been doing this for a long long time.