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Born in Terre Haute, IN. and grew up in Columbus. My family moved to Texas and have been here ever since. I have never once wavered in my support of THE Ohio State University. I bleed Scarlet and Gray and will till the day I die. I refuse to wear the colors Blue or yellow the week of THE GAME. I am also a United States Marine... Oh and Ann Arbor is a whore.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Three big ones for me. I won the Heisman trophy for playing QB in the football league I played in in 8th grade. second, I am a scratch golfer and have qualified for USGA National championships and finally I have raced and done 8 Ironman Triathlons and qualified for the World Championships.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Chris Spielman, Eddie George, Troy Smith, Dwayne Haskins and AJ Hawk
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Clark Kellogg, Jimmy Jackson, John Havlicek and Mike Conley jr.
  • NFL TEAM: Hou Texans, Cincy, Washington Redskins
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  • NBA TEAM: Houston Rockets.
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Reds and Houston Astros
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Comment 14 Aug 2019

OR if Harbaugh really cared about the kid he could have been honest and wrote a letter of support that said " James is a great kid and I want to encourage you to allow him immediate eligibility. We recruited him to come to "TTUN" to play defensive line and upon his arrival we switched him to O Line. We have no objection to him leaving or getting eligibility"...where is the lie in there? there isn't but I can tell you this it would have gone a long way I bet. 

JH is only for making sure glowing praise is heaped on players when they are transferring TO TTUN

Comment 14 Aug 2019

Then YOU should know more than anyone how it isn't easy to one recognize or come forward about.  You don't get to judge someone else and critique whether or not they are or are not depressed because you have been. Good Lord, you are personifying the VERY THING PEOPLE WHO STRUGGLE ARE WORRIED ABOUT, being questioned or not believed. JFC man, stop typing and just let it go, we get it you don't believe Hudson had issues or he would have announced it to the school. One of the biggest problems with diagnosing depression is the very people who are don't recognize they are and don't seek help. It has been beat into every athletes mind that if they aren't good or being successful it's because they aren't trying hard enough or aren't good enough. Just quit commenting on this

Comment 14 Aug 2019

who the F would down vote your comment? I agree completely.  as someone who has actually dealt with depression it is the hardest thing in the world to 1. open up about 2. recognize you are. 

There are so many people in this world that still believe the solution is to "toughen up" or "quit being a bitch". It isn't or doesn't have anything to do with it. 

I lost my job, a job that I was great at and excelled at in multiple ways but the new president didn't understand our business and decided to make cuts based on his own beliefs of the direction we should have gone. To say I was caught off guard when I got laid off is an understatement. It also coupled with the fact that it was a bad time in our industry so there weren't other jobs to find. I sank into a seriously bad depression and thankfully it was my Dad who recognized it and confronted me. ironically he was the one guy I thought who wouldn't think I was depressed and would tell me to suck it up but when he finally talked to me it was like a weight was lifted off my chest and I emotionally crashed. I wasn't scared of any stigmas anymore and I finally reached out to find help. I still get worried and now have developed some anxiety issues but having the ones you love and trust BELIEVE you and allow you to be open about it is nothing like anyone can imagine. It is life changing

Comment 14 Aug 2019

What convictions? To be a stubborn ass? because that is what I see. I've followed this case pretty close and as far as I can tell everything that resulted from that initial meeting with JH and the Hudsons supports the Hudsons in their telling of the timeline. 

The Kid got recruited to play the Dline and gets on campus and is switched to the Oline. As we all know that isn't a simple switch which I'm sure sent him into a little bit of a tailspin emotionally and mentally. At that point you see kids getting recruited to the position you are being switched to and you are working your ass off but don't see much results. It compounds itself and he slips into a depression. As far as I can tell the Oline coach did nothing to develop a relationship with the kid, at least not enough of one to truly see how he is doing and offer some encouragement. The kid felt he was on an island and drifting around with no direction. He never has once said I wish I could go back to the Dline but when you switch a kid after being recruited as one thing to another the coaching staff needs to make sure that the player is not only physically grasping it but mentally in the place they need to be to succeed. Hudson appears he wasn't.  

Now let's not ignore the other reports we have seen about how harsh Harbaugh can be and tries to create this mad max thunderdome environment where we make men up here and I'm gonna toughen them up. Look I'm not opposed to that approach, hell I'm a US Marine where nobody gets coddled, but in this instance they had a young man who was struggling and with mental health and depression still being a taboo thing in society its reason enough to think that in their program nobody is going to come forward and say hey coach I'm depressed. Hell, Hudson may not even KNEW he was depressed. There isn't a test or there isn't a machine to get hooked up to. 

So here we are now where UC, Fickell and the Hudsons are laying it all out on the table and Harbaugh takes the company line by saying hey it's not up to me, you are right Jimmy, it isn't but like a lot of other coaches you could have helped the kid by writing a letter in the situation that said - Hey great kid here and really disappointed it didn't work, we recruited him as a Dline guy but we switched him to Oline and it isn't working out. I really hope you allow him to have eligibility immediately as he deserves it. Nope didn't do that. 

THEN on top of all of that he does the most predictable Harbaugh thing and comes out at the B1G media conference and says I'm all for kids getting a one time opportunity in the portal because we don't want kids using things like Mental health issues to get those transfers when they may not have them. Good Lord, why don't you just call up the Hudsons and say your a liar kid. F U Harbaugh. he had NO REASON to make that comment other than to stroke his own ego and pat himself on the back. 

I sincerely hope every kid sees this and thinks long and hard about going there. This was a shit move by a shit coach. the fire had already consumed the Hudsons with your help you didn't need to throw a can of jet fuel on the damn thing. 

Sorry, I have always tried to maintain a decent level of respect for TTUN as my Dads best friend played for Bo and was one of the better O Line guys that went thru there but I have lost damn near all respect for the school after this. Oh and lets not forget that it was JH and TTUN that helped Patterson get there and I'm sure said whatever they needed to say to insure that happened and that he got immediate eligibility. 

Comment 13 Aug 2019

Dude you would be amazed at how many coaches say daily "I'll fix him"...if there is anything in this world that can compete with an "elite" athletes ego is a an NCAA D1 football Coach.  

As for the transfer potential UCLA would be a bad bad spot, not just because of the limelight and expectations but with his former back up currently there we are talking disruption in the QB room like no other place

Arizona- don't remember how things ended with Sumlin when Tate decided to decommit, speaking of coaching egos...I would say Tate spending a year behind …Tate...Khalil Tate would be good for him. Khalil is a MAN and wouldn't take any shit off Tate

The most likely of those to me would be UNLV, he could go "home" and be around folks who would keep him "puffed up' mentally and with his relationship with the Sanchez brothers would add a steadying force in his life, hopefully. Take could also potentially thrive in a place that really hasn't had anyone be a big time name since well, ever. Plus he would be playing against talent I think he could potentially have a better chance of success with.

Comment 13 Aug 2019

I don't know the NCAA eligibility shenanigans but I've had the same thoughts. Can he go down to a level (not juco) and dominate then spring back up? I mean hell, there are PLENTY of guys that didn't play at the top level and still had ridiculous careers, Romo, Rice, many more. Don't know the specifics but I do think going to a place that would allow him to ball right now is best.There is still no guarantee that if he gets the nod at Miami in week 2 or 3 he will have a ton of success. 

Comment 12 Aug 2019

I will be the first to admit that I was a Tate fan when he was here and was really looking forward to him starting. Even after the Fields rumblings I was still pulling for Tate because Tate knew the system and the team but as time went on he wouldn't shut up on twitter and it started showing his immaturity and him staying showed we would be dealing with a petulant child more than a field general. I am still nervous about our QB situation but Fields has more talent and potential than Tate does or has ever had to be honest.  looking back I don't feel Tate would have been named the starter by now had he stayed.  I liked his moxie and swagger and seemed like the type of kid that wasn't afraid to stick it out there. but that won't take you anywhere when its time to legit ball at this level. 

Looking forward with more clarity this reminds me of a quote and stat I read about basketball and the McDonalds all American team. Someone was talking about what the % of the McD All Americans that make the NBA and it is relatively low like 25%.  The reason being is that all those kids that make that game are largely kids that have matured (physically and athletically) a lot faster than other kids their age and they dominate early.  During college the other kids who didn't make the game get bigger, faster, stronger and outpace the kids that went to the McD AA game and didn't make the NBA.  I suspect Tate is one of those kids that just peaked earlier in life and dominated kids that hadn't and now all those kids are catching up. 

At the end of the day I wish nothing ill toward him and hope he finds success, wherever that may be but I do now think it was best for him to move on from TOSU as he would have ended up being a cancer in the locker room and causing division amongst the QB room.  He needs an extra shot of humility and there is no doubt this situation will provide it, the question is will he receive that and use it to get better. 

Comment 12 Aug 2019

Seriously? You really think it had to do with race? hahaha this ain't Georgia, I've never sniffed an ounce or racism on this board and certainly not when it comes to who plays over who. The argument fails on you when had there been a vote after last year 99.99% of this board would have voted to keep Haskins here and have Tate leave or remain backup had that come to fruition. not EVERY decision that is made when it comes to who we root for is based on racism. If you can't remember Tate was much closer to being an Urban type QB over what Haskins turned out to be so I would say the people that championed Tate were the ones wanting to go back to the Urban/ JT style ball over Day and the air attack. 

Comment 12 Aug 2019

Yeah I get it and all, I was really questioning their belief that the guy that came In was "suppose" to take them to greater heights. As a rational individual it's easier to see the bigger picture and why they should have looked at O'Brien as a highlight that a NFL guy thought so highly of them that he "stooped" to NCAA level and showed that even in a severe situation they have the potential to be right there. that argument can go in or against O'Brien I know but I guess it just speaks to the overall delusion PSU fans have and how "close" they are to being elite.  I mean hell at this point I would label them the West's Iowa and that isn't a knock on Iowa. They are only slightly above Iowa in accomplishments over the last 10 years or so.  PSU fans are quickly becoming as irritating if not more than TTUN fans

Comment 12 Aug 2019

on a side note I have become really addicted to watching American Pickers, It is amazing how much cool shiznit there is in the world and the value it may have. last night they found an old, really old, soda fountain from way back when soda fountains were the thing and I mean this thing was on it's last leg and as they moved it the bottom fell out. Can't remember what they paid for it but I think they were hoping to get $500 for it eventually and their "expert" looked at it and was like oh no, this will be at least $1500. Crazy. 

Anyone that likes "collecting" or wants to understand the potential that is there should watch these guys ( and girl, I mean hey, Danielle has a little bit of freak in her which makes me want to watch her more. hahaha) 

Comment 12 Aug 2019


Carr ( have a lot of respect for the man and I hate Les Miles so much that I actually "like" Carr because of what Miles did to him)


Walker/Fitzgerald - one can't go without the other in all honesty. It was nothing short of a miracle what Fitz did coming in under such an emotional situation and not only keep them afloat but have progress 

Ferentz- To ME this is the best Coach ( again with a nod to Fry), Iowa is not known for landing 5* or even a lot of 4* recruits and year in year out they are really competitive. I mean hell they are one of those teams that every team in the B1G hates playing. To me that is superior coaching. 

honorable mention/watch out for list

Frost - I mean hell the way the media is talking about Nebraska you'd think they have already locked up a spot in the CFP next year AND will win the superbowl, world series, NBA championships and Stanley Cup. haha,  but Frost is building something there and they will for sure be a thorn in everyones side...soon

Brohm- This is another guy that is getting the best out of what he has recruited. I think he is going to at least keep Purdue competitive. 

Day- I think he has more potential to be on the first list than any other coach that is currently coaching in the B1G.  We haven't seen a dip in recruiting like people thought we would, the team so far really seems to be running well and his staff hirings have been really impressive, especially on the D. I really think people will and are going to sleep on him the next couple of years and they will regret it. 

Comment 12 Aug 2019

Not really sure how that is a knock on O'Brien though? It honestly didn't matter who was put in that situation because the cards were stacked against them so they should be applauding O'Brien seeing how he damn near single handedly kept them afloat. Whoever took that job was only going to last a couple of seasons so them acting like he "used" them just shows how f'ing delusional that fanbase can be. 

Now...I live in Houston and him as the Texans coach...good LORD.  I was actually pissed last year when they went on that winning streak because it basically insured that his tenure here will be much longer than it should be. he is not a "QB whisperer" and to me the Texans talent showed just how great it is seeing how the coaching to me is our achilleas heel. 

Comment 12 Aug 2019

In all honesty you can't really mention Fitzgerald without mentioning Randy Walker ( I know you didn't mention Fitz, my comment is in respects to all of us mentioning Fitz on our lists) . My former bosses son was recruited and played for coach Walker before he passed and honestly Fitzgerald should get a TON of credit for not letting them slip into oblivion and mentally keeping them ready to go. That was truly nothing short of a special power at play to me. My old boss took me to the B1G media conference that summer and getting to sit in the room when they played the montage to coach walker and listening to Fitz speak...damn not a dry eye in the place.  Ever since then I have quietly pulled for NW to have success as long as it isn't at our expense. haha

Comment 12 Aug 2019

collecting and hoarding is a fine line in my house. hahaha

If you asked my wife she would say I collect sneakers haha. I have a huge collection of kicks and my wife starts grumbling when she walks into my closet and sees tags on shoes or the paper still stuffed in them. 

I guess I shoud concede the point that I do collect rare sneakers or unique ones. 

I also like collecting Ben Hogan golf paraphernalia, clubs, pictures, trinkets that are Ben Hogan related. 

I also like to collect unique hats. The irony is I don't wear hats all the time but I have always felt an appropriate ball cap or hat can make or break how you look when you are going out.

My Dad is in the oil and gas industry and back in the 70's and 80's companies use to pass out belt buckles and stickers and my Dad without really trying has put together a seriously great collection. He passed them onto me a few years ago when he was cleaning stuff out and I love looking thru them and seeing stickers from "famous" oil field companies that either don't exist anymore or have changed their logo. 

I have a few old "Red Adair" company stickers ( Red Adair was a famous well control expert and known for putting out and controlling massive blowouts). I also have a few from Halliburton when they use to have the old flying H logo. I doubt they are worth anything but still cool to look at. 

I would also say that while I wouldn't call me a collector I would label myself as a purveyor of unique and cool things. Like a really unique or cool button up shirt. example, I work in the oil and gas industry also and manage our companies 25,000 acres we have in West Texas, I generally dress in "western wear" out here when I'm not in TOSU stuff  and I have been on the hunt for the perfect denim shirt that after multiple washings and wearings looks perfectly broken in and comfortable, almost as if it is part of you.  I know that sounds odd but I am what I am. I also like to find and collect unique Ohio State clothing. A cool or rare shirt, hat, jacket. 

My daughter has inherited my weird penchant for wearing stuff that nobody else wears. Particularly sneakers.  I tend to buy and wear sneakers that not everyone else is sporting. I may buy styles that are popular but I rarely buy color schemes that are the most popular. I thought my wife was going to stab me one time when a month before school started for my daughters 8th grade year we went shoe shopping and she liked a really cool unique pair of sneakers she wanted for school. We bought them and about 3 weeks into the school year my daughter came home and said "Dad I need new gym shoes" and I was like wth Mackenzie we just bought you some a few weeks ago and she said "I know but when school started nobody had the ones I was wearing and now everyone is buying and wearing them"...I laughed and said Ok let's jump in the truck and go shopping. My wife was like WTF?!? and I was like "hey, I get why she is upset, she doesn't want to be a sheep and wants to have her own style"...needless to say I was in the doghouse for a long time after that and told my daughter we won't be doing this every time.

I also look forward to the beginning of each football season for my youngest son because we will sit down and go thru all the shoes he potentially wants (within reason) and we go back and forth as to which one is the best one performance wise and will look cool with his uniform. side note this is one of the ways Nike, to me, has dominated in the shoe game for sports. You can design your own color schemes with a lot of Nike shoes so you can match them perfect or near perfect with your uniform where as Adidas, who I think have better technology and are far more comfortable, have very limited color schemes and don't allow you to create your own.  I really wish they would do this with some of their more popular shoes in sports. 

anyway, welcome inside my crazy brain

Comment 12 Aug 2019

I have always felt that the pre season polls hurt the long term success of a teams ranking if said team was preseason ranked below 7.  They are taking a best guess approach to this and to me potentially giving too much weight to a team's previous season.  My biggest concern is it "anchors" a team at or near the top of in season polls.  There is also the consideration to how it potentially helps or hurts a team later in the rankings in season.  We have seen first hand how an early season loss benefits a team far greater than a late season loss. I understand the how and why it does, the later in the season the more a team should be "working as a whole unit" and not still trying to figure out how they effectively work as a team.  When a team like Alabama gets ranked #1 in a pre season poll it only helps them stay at the top long term and to me solidifies them at the top toward the end of the season when they are actually playing "meaningful games".  How in the hell do they know that Alabama is the top team in the country when they play powder puff teams until weeks 6-7.  I think a fairer and more objective way to rank teams is more closely aligned to the way the CFP does which is a weeks into a season. At that point, let's say at week 4-5 we will see the true potential of a team and how strong they are.  I could see a school like UCF screaming how pre season polls kills their chances of ever getting to or near the top.  Let's not forget the power that "blue chip" schools in name only play a part. Look at ND, their name and past prowess is what allows them to be ranked so high every year it seems like when, and it never fails, toward the end of the season they struggle to beat stronger teams. I would absolutely say pre season polls benefit the likes of ND. Also what this poll does is shows the bias of writers in their "hopes" that their alma maters will have a shot at the end of the season. If you think I'm joking, do what I have done and start going through the employment rosters of ESPN, AP writers and other sports orgs and see just how many "writers" and commentators are alumni from TTUN, ND and a few other schools that seem to always be ranked near the top pre season. These guys rank them based on their bias and in hopes of "anchoring" their teams so they will have a shot. It's a lot harder to fall than it is to climb the polls when every freaking year some of these teams are "anchored" near the top. It's like an echo chamber and they all point to how often they are ranked at the top each season and that anchored position helps them when they "average" their rankings for justification. 

Comment 08 Aug 2019

shoot I think the questions lie more on the offensive side. Gattis hasn't proven anything yet and the ONE THING that kept OU in the game last year was their ability to score and score quickly. Something TTUN isn't known for so if Army grinds the clock down and puts let's say 21 points up I don't see TTUN scoring 21 points in what will amount to about 10 min of possession. 

Comment 08 Aug 2019

Man I think it might be closer to 50%, seriously if their offense isn't as explosive as they hope it will be and TTUN isn't know for quick strike scoring drives Army will control the clock and never give them a chance

Comment 08 Aug 2019

Came on here to post the exact same thing. Army damn near knocked off OU last year but without giving ANY praise to TTUN OU didn't have near the D that TTUN does. With that said though If TTUN's offense can't score and score quick this could be a long long day for them. OU talked about the Army game from last year and they said their biggest issue was clock control, their Offense was on the field very little and HAD to score each time and quickly to keep up. To me if the might TTUN D doesn't show up and their new "God" Gattis' Offense isn't as explosive as they hope then I could see this going into the L column. Hell even Jon Jansen on B1G radio says this is the game he is most worried about. I will for sure be watching this game if I can just to watch the Harbaugh meltdowns on the sideline. 

Comment 08 Aug 2019

Good Lord can you imagine how much the tickets will go for this game? If they are smart they should do a deal like the Masters where if you buy tickets your name and social security number are attached to them and if you get caught scalping them you get in trouble. Not sure how they could do it but with an 8,000 seat stadium tickets will be out of this universe with the people who resale them. It will take away from the game itself and will limit it to the most wealthy of people to attend and people who want to go and watch a historic deal for the love of the game won't be able to.

Comment 08 Aug 2019

No, I'm not saying that it is a "new phenomenon" but to the extent of someone like La'Veon Bell not playing and guys who are on their rookie deal doing this it isn't something we see all the time. 

On your point of NFL contracts vs NBA it isn't an apples to apples comparison. NFL contracts have much larger signing bonuses than NBA players do to make sure guys get paid. Don't act like NFL players are starving because of the non guarantee, yes there is a bigger risk in the NFL for injury hence the non guarantee . My point in this is that Zeke is on his rookie deal, 2 years left on it and he is saying he has done so much that he deserves Gurleyesque type money? sorry I love Zeke but I don't see the production numbers to back it up. I have no issues with him trying to force their hand and renegotiate his contract but his sampling size isn't big or good enough to me for him to pull a Bell and sit the year out. 

Comment 08 Aug 2019

Maybe I didn't articulate it but part of my point is the players union works for the players and they should work with them on the next CBA to adjust the pay scale to where money is guaranteed differently.   Saying that the team assumes no risk is not accurate. They have a huge risk in that they draft these guys and then potentially build around them so if they sign them to a huge contract they WANT him to workout, if he doesn't it's not a cutbait situation and move on to the next. there are salary cap implications and finding someone as well. The problem for Zeke and this holdout is 1. limited playing time, yes he is a stud RB and the Cowboys are better with him but the sampling size of said work really isn't all that big. case in point when it was really just the Zeke show their record was what 2-5? something like that but when they brought in Amari Cooper they went to 7-1. I don't call that leverage. 2. They also have Cooper & Prescott's deals coming up and by Zeke jumping in front of them will limit their ability to potentially keep both of them as well without salary cap implications. 3. The NFL is going to a more air attack based offense set and the days of needing a "bluechip" running back are few and far between. are we really saying that the market right now for those guys are in Gurley contract range? I don't think it is. 

Look, I love Zeke and is the only guy on the Cowboys (pre Weber) that I really followed but with all his issues off field and other factors I don't think he is worth the $ it will be for him to hold out for a year. What happens if Weber assumes the duties and they see no drop off in offense production? I'm not saying Weber will put up the same numbers but if their record is as good or better then Zeke is REALLY in a bind to say you guys need me. 

Comment 08 Aug 2019

and how did that work out for the Rams? Gurley's productions was well under "value" after that hold out. That single deal is what is driving this and is now shifting the potential pay scale. 

Comment 06 Aug 2019

This is a problem that is going to spiral out of control and the Players union had better step up and do something to address it in the next CBA. 

People can talk about free market value and shelf life all they want but when you sign a contract you are bound to it. it is one thing for superstars to say "Hey this really isn't working for me because I'm not being paid what I should be" and they are anchors of an offense or Defense but like everything else we see it will spread throughout the league and we will see teams having to pick up scrubs to fill in for guys who have no business holding out. It will ultimately diminish the product of the NFL, NBA, MLB.  If this was Zekes last year in his contract I could see him saying look, I'm getting banged up out here and I'm doing the lions share of lifting for this team but he isn't and hasn't. I HATE the Cowboys but they have stood by him with his off field issues and suspension and this one is leaving a bad taste in my mouth.  What will happen is in the next CBA the league will clamp down on the players union and say ok great we will guarantee more money but if you break a contract the player will be dinged and won't be allowed to leave the team he is with until the contract is satisfied or money is paid back. A player has the right to say hey I think I'm valued way more than what I'm being paid and a team has every right to say you are right and renegotiate but when they are at an impasse it's ridiculous that the word contract is turning out to mean absolutely nothing.