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Born in Terre Haute, IN. and grew up in Columbus. My family moved to Texas and have been here ever since. I have never once wavered in my support of THE Ohio State University. I bleed Scarlet and Gray and will till the day I die. I refuse to wear the colors Blue or yellow the week of THE GAME. I am also a United States Marine... Oh and Ann Arbor is a whore.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Three big ones for me. I won the Heisman trophy for playing QB in the football league I played in in 8th grade. second, I am a scratch golfer and have qualified for USGA National championships and finally I have raced and done 8 Ironman Triathlons and qualified for the World Championships.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Chris Spielman, Eddie George, Troy Smith, Dwayne Haskins and AJ Hawk
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Clark Kellogg, Jimmy Jackson, John Havlicek and Mike Conley jr.
  • NFL TEAM: Hou Texans, Cincy, Washington Redskins
  • NHL TEAM: Columbus Blue Jackets
  • NBA TEAM: Houston Rockets.
  • MLB TEAM: Cincinnati Reds and Houston Astros
  • SOCCER TEAM: Columbus Crew, Houston Dynamo

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Comment 5 hours ago

This is a High Character, High Academic kid I am desperately trying to get tOSU to look at. 

He needs to update his stats on HUDL as his height and weight have changed ( slightly taller and slightly more muscular). Plays 6A Texas football.  His 40 time has come down to 4.5 flat. He has some BIG programs about to offer and Harvard has also been pursuing him big time. 

Comment 14 Jun 2019

that was kind of the genesis of the lack direction, McSorley being gone leaves a void in multiple areas and while they have had some really good WR/TE combos over the years it's not near on the same level as us or Clemson or Alabama or hell even you know who. The day PSU gets a stud QB with a cannon is the day they become a potential threat. Until then the ceiling is fairly low in my eyes.

Comment 14 Jun 2019

There is definitely something amiss there. whether it is the negative recruiting, the no visits after a commit,  the "we aren't elite" attitude or who knows what but to lose 3 and half guys ( I don't count Fleming as a whole) in about 10 days and something is brewing. The fact there was so many guys in the portal and then losing Tommy Stevens it feels like it's a ship with no rudder. Most of our opponents by now we are learning and understanding what direction they will be going on offense and defense, who the players are and we can gauge what type of upside they have. Portal State I have  no idea, They have no identity it seems like and are just throwing shit up against the wall to see what sticks. As a recruit that should give you an uneasy feeling. Fleming wasn't a surprise to me and shouldn't have been for the Portal State fans. They have never been a strong passing offense and there is no real stud with a great arm there to me so if I'm fleming Why on earth would I go somewhere that isn't known for utilizing their WR's really well. They have had their fair share of good WR's but over the last 8 years they are a school focused more on running and trying to grab short yardage gains.  When they lost McSorley (sp?) they lost real leadership and cohesion. 

Comment 11 Jun 2019

Thank you for your service, I am a Marine and have served multiple deployments all over the world. I'm no longer high speed low drag and am in the civilian world, but I have to ask, why does it matter if GWB knew anyone in the 9/11 attacks? Is that a prerequisite to being able to declare war? I guess I'm trying to understand your point about 43.  I think you are asking sarcastically but not sure so I thought I'd ask. Not offended if you think he should have, more just scratching my head. hahaha

Comment 11 Jun 2019

I DID know someone who was in tower 2 and was killed, went to high school with him, I still don't feel it gives me some badge of honor for that unfortunate distinction.  While I think his comments were ill fitting and could have said something a little less cringe worthy I am not offended. Like others I think we have become way to sensitive this day in age, way too much anxiety and anger in our world. Remain Calm and GO BUCKS

Comment 11 Jun 2019




Comment 07 Jun 2019

Sorry but there are just some guys from TTUN I will never "wish luck to" in their professional career. I have no beef with Brady as his own wanted to disown him and now think they had something to do with his greatness. Gtfoh TTUN. Whineobitch, Gary, Bush and Patterson can all suck it. Forever. I laughed my fool head off when Higdon went undrafted. the f'ing arrogance to "protect himself" and to go undrafted, that's just rich, rich I say. 

Comment 30 May 2019

First of all great thread, Love seeing everyone's "history" and time period. 

For me it's easy. 3 guys I grew up with and one other that was the younger brother of one of the 3

1. Larry Izzo- graduated High School with Larry and sat next to him in multiple classes and still talk to him to this day. He was the hardest hitting sob I'd ever played against (practice) and went to Rice University. Went on to win 4 super bowl rings with the Patriots as their Special Teams captain and now coaches in the league. 

2. Kevin Beirne- Another guy I graduated with and still see every now and then. This guy was one of the greatest all around athletes I'd ever seen play football and baseball. He went to Texas A&M on a football scholarship and played for RC Slocum who was quoted saying that Kevin had the best hands of any receiver he'd ever coached ( Kevin's father Jim played in the NFL and his younger brother went on to play at Kentucky as a receiver) but just didn't have the speed. Kevin also played baseball for Texas A&M and played in the White Sox, Blue Jays and I think on other organization before heading to Japan and finishing his career as a pitcher. 

3. Jarrett Irons- Jarrett was a Middle linebacker in our graduating class and signed with TTUN. He went on to be the all time leading tacker up there for a long time but I think it's been broken since. This was the John Cooper era and I hated seeing him on Christmas break every year. Went undrafted but was signed by the Cardinals and it was reported he was offered a 3 yr deal but wanted a 1 year deal so he could show his worth and sign a bigger contract but was cut from camp after that. 

4. Grant Irons- graduated from the same High School a year behind my brother ( 5 years after me) and was a physical freak. went on to play DE at Notre Dame and played for the Bills and Raiders. surprisingly he was a better baseball player than football player but never gave baseball a chance. 

***Jarrett and Grant had an older brother Gerry who played O-line for Nebraska but never played in the league, their father Gerald Irons Sr. played for the Browns, the Raiders and maybe one other team, he is now Dr. Gerald Irons sr. and I think is the School District head of trustees, absolutely wonderful family and human beings***

Comment 30 May 2019

I can tell you with 100% certainty his family pays for it or his coach is doing it pro bono with hopes he helps him get to the NFL and then will get paid. There is no chance in hell the boosters are paying nor is the University.  Justin's Dad is a police officer and not sure what his step mom does.  

Comment 23 May 2019

sadly not surprised by this, he definitely has an entitled "I'm so and so, don't you know that" attitude.  drinking heavily and being at a concert that is known for scantily clad ladies is never a good mix. I'm wondering if he was having some wondering eyes and his girlfriend got upset or vice versus.  The dude has a problem and sadly IN A CONTRACT YEAR probably just cut what he was going to make down by a good %.  

Also, seriously WTF is his girlfriend wearing? hahaha, I paused the video multiple times to see if she had shorts on, just a thong, shorts with a thong outside it, leggings wedged up her hiney or who knows what. whatever it was I'm sure she turned a few heads as she seems like an attractive woman. 

Comment 21 May 2019

the Ivan Drago mention is AWESOME. I did truly hate that man, like wanted to bomb the USSR hate and hope a missile hit him. 

As a boy I just remember hating _ichigan period, no one person but just the whole fucking team. I hated their colors, those stupid winged helmets (which ironically we had first then they adopted), My aunt one year from Cincinnati drew my name for Christmas and got me a fucking _ichigan sweatshirt and I cried when I opened it. I literally cried. I was like 1986 ish. I was so pissed at her.  I also hated USC and UCLA, just the mention of them boiled my blood cause I knew we would see them if we made the Rose Bowl. 

For Basketball it was easy, Christian Laettner and Chris Webber, I laughed hysterically when he tried to call that timeout and got the T. I jumped for joy, literally. Laettner was such a cocky POS, I wanted to punch him, still do.  

but I would have to say Desmond Howard ranks up there for remembering pure hatred for someone. When he struck that stupid pose it literally gutted me and I felt the life suck out of me.  

Comment 21 May 2019

As for drinking water water and more water be very careful.  Your body needs electrolytes to work. I doubt you would or could drink enough water to kill you but on a cellular level there is an energy exchange, the proper electrolyte balance facilitates this. When we are low on electrolytes the cells don't "communicate" properly and you feel light headed, sluggish, just a fraction "off". I drink water and then I will have a no sugar/no calorie electrolyte additive in my water.  You sweat all day long, you may not notice it but you are constantly losing water. There is literally no real science that supports that we have to have 64 ounces of water a day, it has been spread thru time to become law but there is really nothing that supports it that is factual. Athletes obviously need more hydration as do we all but by drinking only water all day can lead to a diluted electrolyte balance and when people feel lethargic or off they drink more.  Literally 2-3 times a day throw a no calorie/no sugar electrolyte packet or tablet in a water bottle like a NUUN tablet and you will hedging better. 

Comment 21 May 2019

I train athletes for a living and here are the simple rules I give them in the beginning 

1. Cut out dairy, milk, cheese, etc

2. don't eat any protein portion (clean protein like skinless chicken, turkey, grass fed beef, grilled salt water fish) that is bigger than your palm

3. cut out bread, pasta (white processed flour pasta), all white flower and white potatoes

your diet should be 80% vegetables, steamed, grilled type. this will never impact your weight as you can't eat enough to. Also add a probiotic and it will help increase the good bacteria in your gut and help the digestive track. 

I have studied nutrition for 12 years and read more than most humans would want to. Its not rocket science and you don't need to subscribe to a "diet". Portion control and simply eliminating items will vastly increase your ability to lose weight. 

The last thing I would add is eliminate Gluten from your diet. Even though you may not be a celiac there is data supporting increased health benefits from doing so. I eliminated gluten from my diet and lost about 8 pounds of pure bloat and water weight in 2 weeks. I use to get these little bumps on the back of my arms and they vanished. Being truly gluten free is extremely hard but even by eliminating it as much as you can you can see benefits. 

Comment 21 May 2019

Definitely a Nice chunk of change but like others have said, now is the time to bury your nose in work and stick to the grind. After you factor in taxes and agent fees he will need to make sure he is wise with his money. For sure go have some fun with it. I will never forget the shock and reality of learning not everyone in the NFL is living large. Back in the 90's my Dad and I played in our next door neighbors charity tournament he hosted with William Fuller and we were supposed to play with Ray Childress. Well Ray Childress couldn't make it so they stuck a rookie with us by the name of Blaine Bishop (Ball state guy) and afterwords he and I were talking and he was saying how he had just bought a new Toyota Corolla after one had just driven by and it was the V6 model. I said man those are nice and he said yeah that V6 is awesome but I couldn't afford it. anyway, the other highlight was I got to meet Bruce Smith that day and talk to him and when I shook his hand It honest to God felt like a normal person shaking a 5 year olds hand. His fingers touched the inside of forearm. He stopped me and said hey man I like your hat, where did you get it? it was the early/first version of the old Ralph Lauren Polo hats that said US POLO on it and had a small American flag. haha

Comment 20 May 2019

while I certainly love some moxie out of my QB's there is moxie and then there is just stupidity.  

I mean seriously, who the fuck does he think we are? this is one of the top 3 programs annually in the Country every year. We aren't a roller coaster program like Notre Dame, Florida State or Auburn. We don't have 1-2 great years then fall back into obscurity. We had one of the worst if not the worst defense we have ever had last year and we lost one fucking game. ONE.  If I was his future coach I would definitely tell him to dial it back or not pick out any one school.  NO PERSON WHO HAS CALLED US OUT HAS SURVIVED IT.  NONE.  Sorry, I know It really isn't something to get this worked up about but GAWT DAMN. Show some respect dude, we HAVE earned it. 

Comment 17 May 2019

I saw a tweet yesterday from Gee Scoot Jr. that said are you ready for this tandem? I couldn't find a reference to what he was talking about but hopefully he knows some inside information and was referencing Julian. 

Comment 16 May 2019

I was born in 1974 and I remember quite a bit from the 80's and especially the sad 90's, the Art Schlichter years, my early admiration for Earle Bruce and what I thought a college football coach should "look like". I would cry as a kid when the Buckeyes lost, in the most literal of senses. I remember watching Clark Kellogg playing for the Buckeyes (basketball I know). Early 80's Rose Bowl game against USC and how much I hated them. One of my good friends in High School went on to play middle linebacker for TTUN Jarrett Irons and I HATED seeing him on Christmas breaks cause he would gloat about all their victories, like someone else mentioned, while I certainly enjoy our recent domination I still harken back to the days of misery where John Cooper could NOT beat them ( personal side note, my oldest son who is graduating from High School next Friday went to The John Cooper School, NOT named after the coach, and it gives me heartburn every time I show up to see that name) and I can't seem to grasp the feeling that we have "arrived". I feel like I am going to wake up and it was all a dream that we have been beating them. I live with a real fear that it will flip and go the other way, I never allow myself to enjoy our recent success too long because I am permanently scared from my early years and losing to that F'ing school up north

Comment 08 May 2019

Oh man I could have a looong list here

1. Franklin- he is such an arrogant asshat who thinks he should be up on the Mt. Rushmore of Coaches. I would seriously like to punch him in the face. 

2. Lane Kiffin- the ultimate Douche bag of Douche bags. it wouldn't surprise me if in 5 years a bunch of undergrad former students come forward and talk about how he tried to flick their bean

3. Brian Kelly- Because he is a fraud

4. Mike Gundy- that f'ing mullet and his he thinks he's tough guy bit is douchebaggery

5. Lincoln Riley- Mostly because I just hate OU but this guy has fallen so ass backwards into a great team its disgusting

6. Cutcliffe- He thinks he's a QB whisperer but in reality was just lucky to work with guys that already had being a great QB in their genes....and because of Daniel Jones and the fact that he influenced the draft in a way that hurt Haskins. I honestly believe he is the source of all the negativity around Haskins in the draft and he was leaking his "criticisms" of Haskins to teams to uplift Daniel Jones

but my overall champion and undefeated biggest asshat douchebag MF'r goes to none other than Les Miles

Les is such a fucking snake, he has TTUN blood running thru his veins, the whole press conference to say he wasn't going to TTUN. 

I also know quite a bit more about Les than most people. Two of my closest friends played for him at LSU (both were recruited by Saban though to play there) and both have said they wouldn't piss on him if he was on fire and they would hold back others who attempted to. 

My Dad's best friend in life played at TTUN and played for Bo. Les was his backup and he said he was the whiniest bitch on that team. when my Dad's best friend graduated Les got beat out by a freshman and basically quit. He graduated and went to work for his Dad in sales and hated that and begged BEGGED Bo to let him come back as a GA that paid $2500 a year. My Dad's best friend has also been on the inside and tabbed in assisting on hiring new coaches up there. He told me two stories about Les, 1. the whole this is my Damn team fiasco and rumored hiring. TTUN was never considering hiring him, two wealthy boosters jumped on a private plane and flew down to try and convince Les to ask for the job, the school never authorized them to go talk to him and were never really considering him because of story number 2. a few years maybe two before Lloyd Carr stepped down when his health issues started to become more noticeable and problematic for him he had some former TTUN players who were coaching meet with him to let them know that he was having health issues and that he wanted to go out on his terms and that he didn't want the health issues to get out and negatively effect their recruiting efforts. He was doing this I was told to basically say if you help me it may help you. They were all sworn to secrecy about it. Fast forward a few months or so and TTUN had a couple of commits flip on them that they weren't expecting ( this is when Miles was coaching at OKSt.) and apparently when they talked to them they asked why did you flip or decommit and they told Coach Carr they had heard from Coach Miles that Coach Carr had health issues and wouldn't be there much longer and it would hurt TTUN...Needless to say Lloyd was livid and from what I was told he said Les Miles would never coach at TTUN as long as he was alive and had anything to do with the University. It REALLY upset the whole program that "one of their own" would turn Judas on them. From what I'm told Les has never once been considered a serious candidate to take the job over and that is why there is such bad blood between him and the University. I know Harbaugh has tried to mend the fences but it still hasn't really worked. I'm sure a lot of people know this story as it hasn't been kept secret really well but even with my disdain for TTUN I still respect them and the lack of loyalty to your alma mater is just something I couldn't fathom. 

**edit** it does make me smile though that Les with all his arrogance can only find a job as HC of Kansas. hahaha, Him and his poorly died hair will be in the land of misery there. 

Honorable mention - Seeing how he isn't in the NCAA anymore but is in the NFL my honorable mention goes to Kliff Kingsbury. He thinks he is Don Juan and a genius coach but in reality he sucks and also has been the damn conductor for the Kyler Murray Hype Train