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SP+ Ratings After Week 7, OSU Moves to #1, B1G Essentially Tied with SEC for Best Conference

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October 16, 2019 at 6:50pm

OSU after the bye week moves to #1, now 1.1 points better than Bama. SP+ says we have the 6th best offense and 4th best defense, Alabama has the 3rd best offense and 14th best defense. Wisconsin moved up to 4th and have the 16th best offense and 2nd best defense, cant wait for this game. Other notes:

  • PSU is 6 and about a TD worse than OSU, they are the only other team with a top 10 offense(10) and defense(10) glad this game isnt in a white out. 
  • Michigan is very interesting as they are still sitting at 13th despite the consensus that they are a terrible team. A lot has to do with turnovers, they have fumbled a ridiculous amount and SP+ takes fumbles as random and doesn't penalize a team for fumbling. PSU is about a TD better but this game being in a whiteout is tough, but they are actually favored by 3 over Notre Dame and this game being in Ann Arbor could really help, a close loss to PSU and beating ND would really change their narrative. Comparing the stats to PSU when they switched to the spread is actually very favorable as Michigan has done a much better job in their first 6 games. Dont bury the 5-1 team yet there is still plenty of talent and if they can fix just a few glaring issues they could be very good, their defense is still considered better than ours. 
  • Minnesota up to 17, Iowa 19, Indiana 25, Michigan State 27, UC 36, Maryland 43, Nebraska 44, Northwestern 62, 
  • Everybody's favorite SEC team Texas AM is ranked 23 despite losing to 2 elite teams and a very good team, crazy how a team can be top 25 when top 10 teams are better than them
  • Average SEC rating is 12.6 and average B1G rating is 12.2 so the conferences are about even

No big observations, SP+ is still bullish on Mizzou, Clemson didn't get a bump for killing FSU and are still 8th, Oklahoma's defense keeps improving which is scary but still at 30, Michigan's rankings is very interesting, but other than that I really can't wait for OSU Wisconsin LSU/Bama will get so much more fanfare because SEC(and to be fair the style of offense will be more entertaining) but this game may feature the better teams. Only thing that sucks is we may be seeing them twice. 

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