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Possible Dumpster Fire Playoff Scenarios

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October 14, 2019 at 1:58pm

Was daydreaming at work today and I realized that after 7 weeks, there are some diabolical situations that could occur that could cause complete chaos for the CFB Selection Committee. Here's the scenario I thought of, anyone who has thought of any other crazy scenarios feel free to share...

Ohio State 13-0

Clemson 13-0

Alabama 12-1 (Loses SEC Champ to UGA/Florida)

Georgia OR Florida 12-1 (Wins SEC Champ)

LSU 11-1 (Loses a heartbreaker to Alabama) 

Oklahoma 13-0  

This scenario is possible, I checked the schedule. If Florida wins out, you couldn't put them in over LSU could you? And if LSU loses to Alabama you couldn't put them in without including Alabama. So who gets left out if this happens? Who know the answer to that question, but ONE thing is certain. With the perception of the SEC this year, teams like Ohio State, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, and Clemson, have ZERO room for error. With the SEC that way it is, it will be impossible for a one-loss conference champ from another conference to get in. I doubt Florida wins out, but if they do, that would surely cause the most chaos. 

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