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A Day at The Shoe! A BuckeyeInOrlando Diary.

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October 9, 2019 at 9:38am

The wife and I had the opportunity to come home to Columbus this weekend and attend the game against Michigan State. Well, actually, we had the opportunity because my wife is awesome and she created the opportunity. She found a connection for a ticket hookup, and pretty much set everything up.

It was our first time in Ohio Stadium since 2015, where we saw arguably the most talented team in Ohio State history (maybe all of college football history) and the defending National Champions defeat Northern Illinois 20-13! Yep... 20 to 13. Don't get me wrong, It was awesome to finally see the Buckeyes win a football game that I attended in person. Prior to that victory I had an impressive streak of in-person losses: 2014 vs. Virginia Tech (ok... that season turned out alright), 2011 Gator Bowl vs. Florida, 2011 @ Miami (FL), and 1999 vs. Illinois. Needless to say, I was excited to get back to The Shoe!

Saturday morning arrives, we're up at about 4 am to get to our 7:15 flight. We approach Columbus from the east as always. Normally when flying into Columbus, we land straight into the airport from the east. This time was different. Traffic? Wind? I don't know, but for some reason we passed the airport and circled back around over downtown Columbus. I was able to get a decent pic or two because of this. It was gonna be a good day.

We get in around 9:30, do some running around, shopping, etc throughout the day and make our way to campus in time to attend our first ever Skull Session. Our oldest daughter is in her high school marching band (and actually plays the sousaphone) so I have a new appreciation for marching bands. When we got to St. John, the MSU marching band was in there playing and also the Fremont Ross HS marching band. Very entertaining. I went fb live once TBDBITL entered the room. At the risk of knowing my top secret identity, click that link. 

Following the Skull Session, we head over to The Shoe. We connect to the Wifi (like everyone else)... Buy some snacks/dinner and some collectible (now refillable!) soda cups... And get ready for some football!

The incomparable Script Ohio

Here come the Buckeyes (I also went fb live again for the run out)

Now the game has started and I stay off of my phone until halftime when I decide to check in on America's favorite Buckeye website:

I was maybe expecting an upvote or two... not a full blown AMA session! So to answer your questions:​

  • Yes, it was loud. The atmosphere was awesome! Also, it's Wednesday and I still don't have my voice back.
  • I was wearing black. #15 (for 2015, not Ezekiel Elliott) alternate jersey.
  • The Wifi seemed decent the little bit that I used it.
  • Unfortunately, I was only drinkin' Coke Zero that night... up at 4 am, night game, I didn't need alcohol to make it any more difficult!

I didn't get to these question at the time, because... well... this happened:

You all know how it played out from there.

What a game!
What a victory!
What a team!

Go Bucks!

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