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October 9, 2019 at 2:19am

If there was a glaring negative for OSU when Ryan Day took over as head coach, it was the numbers in the QB room. I don't think this is news, but with the recent offer to CJ Stroud and the current commitment of Jack Miller, it got me thinking. The position itself, and the type of kid who plays it, usually means that the kid wants a shot to actually compete for the starting job from day one. Maybe he doesn't expect to start his true freshman year, but he at least wants a chance. This makes it difficult when you already have low numbers and need to recruit two QBs in a given year. In OSU's case, what got us to these low numbers was Burrow, Martell, and Baldwin all transferring within 12 months, each for their own (sometimes justified) reasons. I know Day wants to have four scholarship QBs on the roster at all times, but I'm not sure that forcing the issue with 2 offers is the right thing to do. I realize nobody wants to think about what happens to the season if Fields goes down for an extended amount of time this year. God love the Chugger, but he's not winning a NC. The situation wouldn't really be any better next year because if Fields goes down you would have to replace him with either Hoak (who couldn't win the job at Kentucky) or a true freshman. Having 2 true freshman doesn't make that any better. Maybe this is just a situation, due to the transfers, that will take some time to fix through a few recruiting classes. 


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