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Replacing 21 Starters?

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October 6, 2019 at 9:57am

Midway through the season is about when we can evaluate who might be NFL bound. Checking the roster I came to an amazing conclusion - it's entirely possible Day will have to replace 21 of our 22 starters next season.

Let's take it position by position:
RB - Dobbins will go pro
QB - can't go pro
TE - Graduating senior
WR - Hill, Mac, and Victor are out of eligibility
O-line - Munford is likely to go pro after starting 2 seasons at LT, Jackson and Bowen are graduating. Wyatt Davis and Meyers are harder to determine because they would definitely get drafted if they declared, but will they stick around for another year to try and improve into a sure-fire 1st rounder? But both could conceivably declare and probably get selected in the 3rd round.

CB - Okudah is a top-10 pick, Wade looks like a 1st round draft pick, and Arnette is ready to go pro as well
S - Jordan Fuller is going pro
LB - this gets a bit more interesting. Malik Harrison is a senior and ready to go pro. But have Pete Werner and Barron Browning shown enough this season to warrant a draft pick in April as well?
Defensive Line - chase young is insane, Cooper/Hamilton/Cornell are graduating seniors

I don't know who will go pro but what I do know is we should be all-in for a national championship this year because who knows how many (if any!) of these great players will be around Justin Fields next year.

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