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Comment 04 Jan 2020
Wade's return is huge and makes everyone else in the secondary better. The drop-off between Wade and banks/Brown is huge. So having Wade go be the premier cover corner helps put banks/brown in better positions schematically to succeed. Also, if he can shut down a WR on his own it'll help cover up the expected downgrade from Fuller to Proctor. Finally, Tyreke Johnson has the most talent in the DB room behind Wade but has been a lot slower to develop than Okudah/Wade were. So having Wade back will allow the coaching staff to involve and develop Tyreke at the right pace to be a key player in 2021.
Comment 04 Jan 2020
Every generation of young people thinks they're the first ever to invent sex. I find the same is true with a lot of things. People think they invented crowdfunding on a website. But going back to the 1700s there've been barn raisings and the like.
Comment 02 Jan 2020
Seems like every season there's at least one player who unexpectedly declares with eligibility left only to be a 7th round/UDFA pick. Jalin Marshall Tyvis Powell Mike Webber Noah Brown To name a few.
Comment 01 Jan 2020
I just don't understand what about "indisputible video evidence" is so hard for officials to follow. Replay should not be there to litigate tiny movement in slow motion of a catch. It should only beused to overturn a call if the evidence is indisputible! There should never be replay debates because a debate over a replay call is, by definition, in dispute and therefore the evidence isn't indisputible. It seems to me like you'd solve 99% of the complains about replay if it was used as originally intended - only when the call is indisputible!
Comment 30 Dec 2019
Everyone loves the big play catching TE. But to my eye the difference between a RB getting tackled at the line of scrimmage and the RB hitting a clean hole with speed is usually whether the tight end wins or loses his block. I love big mean hard-core fighters at TE on my team.
Comment 30 Dec 2019
I think it's possible the defensive tackles are better next year and maybe the linebackers too. But we may never see another chase young in our lifetimes, much less next season, and Okudah/Wade were the #1 and #2 overall CB recruits their year - those 3 are simply irreplaceable. It's very hard to look on this defense on paper and conclude it won't take a step back next season.