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Comment 10 minutes ago
I'm getting increasing worried that Day's quote about Fields basically amount to we should be very worried he's not as good as advertised. "I still don't think he's where he needs to be" is a worrying sign 2 weeks from the opener. I sure do wish Baldwin would have stuck around just in case Fields isn't ready for prime time.
Comment 16 Aug 2019

I'm always terrified when our problems are supposed to be solved by "we're just going to put the exact same people on the field as last year, line them up differently, and hope for a different result"

My hope is that they're giving Boreland, Harrison, and Werner 1 last shot to prove they're starters and keeping a short leash on them where if they don't take a big step forward in the first 2 games, they'll give a chance to a younger hungrier player.  Who knows how many Brendon White's we have sitting on the bench right now!

Comment 11 Aug 2019
I absolutely love defensive line rotations. I think it's fantastic when you have a deep angry line and you tell them "you've only got 25 snaps each, so deliver 100% full force violence with each snap you have. Don't leave anything in the tank, empty it in 25 snaps and just go nuts on those guys.
Comment 28 Jul 2019
Teague is so good. When he comitted I watched his tape and couldn't believe a "3 star" was blazing downfield so fast in HS. Not surprised he's a 4.3 burner. Side note Teague was ranked like 600 in the nation when Ohio State offered him. Goes to show the recruiting services are directionally good but boy do they miss on a lot of guys. Don't fall too much in love with those stars.
Comment 28 Jul 2019
The QB market has changed dramatically. I really do wonder if you even need to recruit backup QBs like Kenny Guiton and Jones anymore because you can always just get an experienced veteran off the transfer portal. The winning move might be to actually only have a QB recruit every couple years or something. Go after your crown jewel Terrell Pryor's and Braxton Miller's and let them start their freshman seasons. Then just pick up proven transfer QBs off the portal to fill out the roster. The benefit is you can land the tip top QB recruits who want to be "the guy" because you can literally point to your roster that there isn't another viable QB so you can authentically promise the recruit he absolutely is the guy to start for your team for 3-4 years.
Comment 26 Jul 2019
I usually say blaming the coaching staff is just lazy, but in a case where your starter is so awful and you have Brendon White sitting on your bench and yet it still takes until a targeting ejection forces White on the field for the coaches to give him a shot? I mean that's such awful coaching it's almost sabotage!
Comment 25 Jul 2019
Hamilton and Landers are what I love our of 3-star recruits. They aren't ready to start immediately when they come to campus. But they work their butts off in the weight room and learning technique from the best, they stick around 5 years (not just going pro after 3) and in the end all their hard work pays off and they can do some great things for your team!