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Comment 16 Jun 2019
He looks like a 3-technique to me. I bet he's the kind of guy that's going to go to work in the weight room, nobody's going to think about him for 3 years, then he's going re-emerge with an extra 40lbs of beast-mode ready to get a starting DT job and everyone's going to go "wow where did this guy come from?" But all of us will be in on the secret!
Comment 21 Apr 2019

I have thoughts on both of those

1) RE: A. Jackson

I have no doubt that Jackson would be starting for us this season if he came to Ohio State as a freshman.  But he lost 2 years not learning our scheme, not learning our techniques, and not not competing for positions.  Meanwhile, much less talented guys Hamilton and Landers spent every day of those years in the weight room, in the film room, practicing the right technique the right way dozens of times a day.  And simple fact is that hard work and dedication get you better results in life than how many stars you have on your recruiting ranking page.  I'm sure Jackson is working hard now but he's 2 years behind and that's hard to make up.  I prefer to take the glass half full approach of applauding Landers and Hamilton for turning themselves from unheralded recruits into invaluable pieces of the 2019 team.

2) RE: Browning

It's just the depth chart.  Ohio State is going to play a base 5DB 2LB set with 1MLB and 1 OLB.  Malik Harrison is definitely the OLB no questions asked.  So if you want to compete for a starting job the only job availiable is MLB.  If he doesnt end up starting at MLB, I fully expect Browning to compete with Gant for starting OLB next season after Harrison goes pro.

Comment 21 Apr 2019
Same here I thought Hilliard and Browning would be the 2nd coming of Bobby Carpenter and AJ Hawk. But Hilliard's body seems to have betrayed him with injuries he never fully recovered from. And Browning last season showed a unique skill at always finding a blocker to get stuck to on any running play - offensive linemen, tights ends, fullbacks Browning always seems to find a way to find his guy and get blocked fully and completely... Maybe he's just really nice and wants to help his teammates get the tackle statistics?
Comment 21 Apr 2019
Am I the only one who thought NPF had the most disappointing spring game of all the players? I thought he looked good coming off the ball on running plays. But on passing plays Cornell and Young ran straight past him, bull-rushed directly through him, and tackle-end stunts left him confused and blocking air while poor Fields was pressured into incomplete passes. Bowen had a tough first quarter at left guard, maybe jitters after a year off, but settled in well after that. To me he certainly looks like one of our top-5 o-Iinemen and his talents are better suited for tackle than guard. I view Bowen at RT as pretty much inevitable at this point, but it seems like I'm the only one???
Comment 18 Apr 2019

I wonder how much of this has to do with Day deciding to get Justin Fields.  For those blaming the QBs, remember that they didnt "start" this, so to speak.  It all "started" when Ryan Day got Justin Fields in a transfer.  I wonder how much Day getting a completely unknown transfer made everyone else in the QB room start looking at each other and say "wait, if he got a transfer this year what's to say he won't get another transfer next year?  If he's not loyal to any of us in this room, why should we be loyal to him?"

I really do wonder if the QBs on the roster started to wonder if, even if they put in the time, if there would always just be another transfer to take the job from them?

Comment 15 Apr 2019
Fields' deep ball reminds me of Cardalle Jones; I like it a lot! In addition to the 98 yard touchdown, he had KJ hill for at least one more huge 40+ yard play but Hill just seemed to have lost sight of the ball. I think fields' stats would have been way higher if he had the 2nd team reps that Baldwin did. The 2nd team offensive line stoned the 2nd team defense's pass rush and kept a clean pocket for the QB. With the first team, Fields didn't have Munford on his blind side and freshman NPF got "welcomed to the big time, rookie" by just about every defensive end on our roster.
Comment 06 Apr 2019
Not true at all. Great talents go to the NFL after 3 years. I bet Chase Young is gone after this year. Which would project T. Smith and Harrison to start in 2020 Then let's say Smith is gone to the draft after that year, which would open the door for him to start his redshirt freshman year. Of course that's if everything goes to plan, injuries or transfers could easily lead to being forced into playing his true freshman year.