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Comment 12 Jun 2020
The biggest injustice of tatgate is that white NCAA owners have made a de-facto law, outside democracy or the court system, that black college players don't even own their own signature. And those at the top? Those unelected NCAA officials who get to make up their own employment laws. Do those powerful old men live by the same "amateurism" rules they force on black athletes? Nope, the rule-makers get to make fat salaries and they sure as hell get to own their own signatures. Funny how what's good for the black athlete isn't good enough for rich old white men, is there a word for that... One rule for the rich another rule for the common man. And the biggest sin in America today is doing anything to disrupting the rule of the rich and powerful over us, as Teessel found out.
Comment 20 May 2020
He seemed like the perfect H-back for Urban's system and in the blink of an eye was left without a position when Day transitioned our offense to a more NFL-style passing attack. I think Gill is going to do big things in the right scheme and I wish him all the best! The NCAA shouldn't make him sit out a year because the scheme changed on him and he needed to move to a program where he fit, that's not his fault, he should be able to play this season!
Comment 06 May 2020
Fields would not be a top-5 pick if he sits out, gets injured, or has a bad year. Fields has some issues to work out including getting the ball out of his hands much faster, ball placement on some throws, and an over-reliance on using his legs to bail himself out of bad situations (usually created by holding the ball too long). As a true sophomore QB those are issues you'd expect of someone with that experience and I (along with buckeye nation) expects him to improve greatly on this weaknesses this season. Matt is correct that "Fields isn't a round 1 lock" but that's almost a meaningless statement because almost no QBs would be round 1 locks after their true sophomore season. Even Tua, who was a true round 1 lock, fell quite a bit in the draft after he got injured.
Comment 27 Apr 2020
Werner had one of the most surprising jumps in quality I've seen from a buckeye. In 2018 Pete seemed averse to contact where he'd try to "dance around" blockers instead of taking on the block. He also looked weak as a tackler where it seemed like every time he made contact with a running back, the RB would fall forward for 3 more yards. Then in 2019 he combined the speed he always had with a newfound warrior mentality and his play went through the roof. Now in 2020 if he makes anything close to the jump he made last year, watch out! When you combine his physical gifts, with his newfound ability to hit hard and tackle, with probably the game slowing down for him and him anticipating better - he could be in for an exceptional season.