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Comment 4 hours ago
Time to put chugs in. I'm calling it. Fields is too damaged in his knee and mentally. We need chugs to just make the easy throws and give our playmakers a chance to win the game.
Comment 4 hours ago
Fields and Young are playing their worst games of the season. Our other players need to win this for us.
Comment 5 hours ago
Teams have learned how to scheme chase young out of games and our other 10 players are being exposed as overrated.
Comment 5 hours ago
We've been waiting all season for 2018 Pete Werer to show up, and he picked the exact worst time to do so.
Comment 5 hours ago
Defense has no excuses. Just pretty boys getting punched in the mouth and letting Wisconsin take anything they want from them. Pathetic especially the last 50 seconds.
Comment 5 hours ago
Coan is the best running QB in history apparently, or at least against our defense. I definitely don't want to see what Trevor Lawrence does against us.
Comment 12 hours ago
"make a big play or two in the kick game, win the turnover battle, and limit the explosive plays." Oh cool so all they need to do is make big plays, keep their opponent from making big plays, and win the turnover battle? Well I'm sure no one has tried to do that before, and it sounds so easy to pull off, that Wisconsin should really be favored! /S
Comment 04 Dec 2019
Urban did himself dirty. He could have and should have gotten rid of our scummy WR coach years ago, that scumbag had no business being in the employ of the state of Ohio. Instead Urban did the exact opposite and lied to all the students, alumni, and taxpayers of Ohio by claiming Brett McMurphy was "making it up." I love what Urban did for the program, I'll always remember him fondly, but he did make a serious job-ending screw-up. He's not a martyr, he's a guy that did a lot of good but crossed one of the big red lines you can't cross without getting fired and he paid the price for it.