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As Whispers Become Louder, Ignore It and Embrace the Moment

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October 5, 2019 at 8:31am

I'm hearing peers begin to whisper it. Talking heads love to debate it for the ratings and clicks. It is becoming more and more popular to proclaim that Ryan Day is better than "that previous guy."

I, myself, love what I'm seeing, this year. Couldn't be more impressed with this team! But that seems unfair for Day and sacrilegious toward the all-time great, Urban Meyer, especially this early in his coaching career.

It isn't inconceivable, however, to think that Coach Day, being the brilliant mind that he is, could use what he's learned from the legend and evolve it. Think about this. These players are playing with a "no one gave us a shot before the season" chip on their shoulder. I believe Coach planted this seed very early in the Spring. That psychological "edge" is a page right out of the book of the Urban's coaching philosophy.

Go Bucks!

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