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OSU vs. Miami OH - the Eye Test List

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September 17, 2019 at 9:05pm

Tressels, Fickells, Urbans and Days, 


...and the score was closer than the game actually was.  

I've always liked sports where teams and players can be compared across generations.  Baseball is that way for me.  I loved the baseball documentary, "Fastball."  They tried to compare pitchers from every era of baseball to uncover the fastest pitch ever thrown.  They concluded the winner's initials were NR.  

Ohio State football is the same for me, too.  In 2002, I remember some die hard Buckeye football fans saying that the 2002 defense was as stout and hit as hard as the 1968 defense.  I was T-minus five years until birth in 1968, so I had to take their word for it.  

It's early, but this OSU football team is passing the eye test for the teams that I know well.  It's really the first time I can say that in a while.  I know Ohio State fans have been upset being left out of the College Football Playoff the last couple years, but let's be honest with ourselves...did we really want to see the 2018 defense go against Trevor Lawrence?  So far, early this season, my answer would be very different from last year.

Here are my recent eye test Buckeye football teams:

1998: I was sitting in section 2C when one of the most-talented OSU teams in the last 40 years inexplicably lost to an inferior Michigan State opponent, coached by Darth Saban at that time.  I would have liked to have seen that team in CFP series.

2002: first ever 14-0 team in College Football history (and if replay existed back then, OSU would have won the championship game in regulation...see: Chris Gamble's sideline catch on 3rd down that was called out of bounds)

2006: In-N-Out Burger'ed by Florida in a game where Urban had his Gators ready to knock off OSU in the BCS championship game

2014: first ever CFP series champion

2015 after the MSU loss: they finally woke up after that game and were the best team in the country at the end of the year, but didn't get a chance to play in the CFP

We'll see if this continues, there aren't many instances over the last 20 years where OSU is this dominant and definitely looks the part.  I hope they continue building momentum as the season progresses and I can add them to this list.

Touchdowns:  Dobbins, Fields, Olave, KJ Hill, Ruckert, Master Teague, Bin Victor, Austin Mack

OSU 56 Miami 10

Go Bucks!  Beat Miami!  BB Landers for Heisman!

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