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Justin Fields - a Bigger, Stronger-armed, Faster, More Athletic ... JT Barrett

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September 17, 2019 at 9:03am

Writers/Sportscasters have been trying to find a Voltron-esque way of describing Justin Fields. Many have settled on "Haskins arm" and "Braxton's running." When I watch him play, I don't see those things. Dwayne's mechanics and style are different. I don't see any of Braxton's running style in him at all. Yes, he's fast but Braxton's game wasn't straight-line speed, it was shift and spin.  

I think the best way to describe him - based on how he plays, the stat lines, how he looks, and his demeanor on the field is: a bigger, stronger-armed, faster, more athletic ... JT Barrett.

When JTB was thrust into action in 2014 we heard his nickname was "The Distributer." An intelligent QB who understood the offense and played within it. He wasn't a fast runner but he was a smart runner who could power for yardage or make a cut and get big yards. In 2014 he got increasingly better every week -- really coming into his own against Sparty on the road -- excelling until he got hurt against TTUN. Calm, cool, collected -- JT took vocal leadership of the team quickly.  His confidence and hard work made him a 3 time Captain.  While his ceiling as a passer was limited - and his growth was stunted majorly by Warinner - Day got JT back to a record-breaking level. (They also both started at OSU as redshirt freshman).

To me, it's like Justin Fields is (athletically) what a vocal contingent of fans are mad that JTB wasn't. Whether that translates into more wins or championships, etc remains to be seen. I appreciate JTB for who he was and what he accomplished. To each their own. 

I HOPE that I am right about this comparison, though. Because if it's true that Justin is a bigger, stronger-armed, faster, more athletic ... JT Barrett ... we are in for an exciting couple of years.  

Ultimately, the comparisons will end and Justin Fields will simply be Justin Fields. That will be a great day, too. 



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