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Rewatching the Cinci Game, a Couple Observations

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September 11, 2019 at 11:10pm

Jk Dobbins had one heck of a game running the football, the only issue I had was on his first long run he cut all the way to the outside he should have stayed in between the two defenders and outran both of them. We still ended up scoring so it didnt affect the drive.

Master Teague ran good as well, he is such more of a bruiser back with his size but he also has the speed for a breakaway run ability.

Ben Victor has been a happy surprise, looks like he is finally a much more consistent pass catcher, big bodied possession receiver is always nice to have.

Jeremy Ruckert was targeted with a pass, in the first half on 3rd and 1 he ran a wheel route the pass was off but they did try to get him the ball.

Justin Fields may have the strongest arm of any qb i can remember ohio st having, and he is fantastic with his accuracy on the move. The play that stuck out to me the most was the pass to Olave where Olave was pushed out of bounds, Justin just moving to the right threw it perfectly to Chris for I think a 35 yard pass play.

Fields also made much faster decisions with the ball, first touchdown immediately read the defense and took off for a score. Changing protection when he read blitz, it wasnt all perfect he did take a big sack, he could have either taken off or just thrown it away. Unlike against fau where he had multiple times held the ball to long.

The defensive line is just nasty, might be the best we've had since larry johnson came here.

Linebackers are playing fast and violent.

Secondary was playing both man and zone, dont think theyve gone press man coverage yet.

The kicker kicked the ball out of bounds once....grrrrr

Drue Chrisman is probably the best punter in college football.

There were only 2! Penalties in the game, very disciplined. Although one was a hold it killed a drive early in the first quarter. The other penalty was debatable and could have not been called, it was 50/50

Coaching is good again. Time management was great, called timeouts when needed.

If this team continues to get better each week, its going to be an amazing season.

Justin looks like a grizzled veteran with total control of the offense and its only his second start.

Chase young if he continues at this pace will smash the single season sack record and maybe get an invite to NYC.

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