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A Buckeyes Guide to Rooting for the Right Non Ohio State Game

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September 6, 2019 at 1:44pm

Starting this weekend, we are getting into some interesting games that could impact the CFP selection process. I have run multiple formulatic analyses, regression analysis, algorithms, dice rolling 8 Ball shaking to determine our proper rooting interest in games not involving the Buckeyes.

I have simplified this exhausting process to the following:


SEC> Pac 12

Anyone > ND

SEC > Big 12

Part of the logic printout indicated that the SEC is greater than all. That is, they are revered, held in esteem, and overlord over all regardless if they are 15-0 in non-conference games or 7-8. However, the Pac 12, ACC and ND are all teetering, trying to avoid the knock out punch in the first 3-4 Rounds/games. 

This creates some issues but no one said it would be easy. For example, a true Buckeye would be rooting for Meatchicken to vanguish the Golden Boners. I know, I know that hurts some but keep your eyes on the prize.

So this weekend -

A&M over Clemson (wouldn't that be something)

LSU over Texas

As always B1G non con wins are always good - 

Maryland over Syracuse

Nebraska over Colorado

Also, all vanquished opponents win the rest of their games.

Enjoy Week 2 and Go Bucks !! 

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