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Comment 20 Sep 2019

If you missed this game you missed an Instant Classic. It was great to watch as a college football fan regardless of Power 5 or Group of 5. (Spoiler Alert)

They were throwing offensive haymakers all game long- saving the best for last with :03 seconds left. I tried to go to sleep 5-6 different times but they kept drawing me back in. 28-7 (Houston) at one point but Tulane took the lead at 31-28 only to have Houston tie it up with with a field goal ( from a kicker who missed who two previous attempts) at 33 seconds left (after a dropped TD pass). Tulane gets the kickoff at the 25 and run the fake victory formation (as mentioned earlier). Next play QB hits a lunging wide receiver who's momentum takes him past two closing defenders and sprints to the end zone.

Awesome !!   

Comment 16 Sep 2019

Funny.......I looked at the one word descriptions of the team and you might as well substitute "Ryan Day" for "team".

You are who your coach is !

Comment 12 Sep 2019

As soon as JK can see the holes, he will be unstoppable. Like 200 yards/game. He probably left 75-125 yards on the field in the first two games. 

From C Deck, a lot of holes - not slits- for him to run through. I think it is a matter of trusting the line, a little zen and less of "fear me", "chip on shoulder", trying to hit the big run.  Trust the process and the outcome will be there.

Comment 11 Sep 2019

Can't we just let players .............

Have a job

Get  a stipend

Sell their own memorabilia

Take a picture with on air personalities

Take more than one official visit

Make phone calls

Send texts

etcetera, etcetera, etcetera...

The NCAA is a mess.

Comment 10 Sep 2019

The blocking by all the running backs has been off the charts. Doesn't matter if it pass pro, blitzing LB, sweep or run up the middle, those guys are sticking there nose in there and knocking guys on their asses. Even on mundane 3-4 yarders not just TD's. I know RB blocking has always been a key to getting playing time but they must of put more emphasis on it this year. Keep it up, Bucks. 

Comment 09 Sep 2019

It looks like we are down to Nebraska and Wiscy as potential night games. So it comes down to who is broadcasting the game. If it is FOX, look for a Nooner. ABC/ESPN could be at night.

Comment 09 Sep 2019

A view from C Deck -

Agree with the poster with a couple other observations.

The TE issue doesn't bother me. I view Day as programming a computer. He ran the TE package in the first game and knows it works. Time to run and debug something else. 

Dobbins - Had a good game but needs to see the field better. In both games he missed huge holes. In the Cincy game, coming out of the closed end of the stadium, around the 22-24 yard line there was a running play going wide, the WR kicked out the DB to the sideline and the pulling lineman pushed the defender inside, if Dobbins goes outside he goes 70+ yards but he cut inside into the lineman's block. This happens a lot.  His vision is the difference between being a good back and a great back

Tackling - a huge improvement. There were a a handful of times, in each of the first two games, where we had one on one tacking opportunities by DB's/LB's and they made the tackle for a 2-4 yard gain. If they missed, its a 10-15-20 yard gain or more.

Tress 2.0 - Fully expected us to be aggressive with 1:20 ish left in the first half and couple of timeouts left. However, we had a running play and let the clock run out.

WR's - I agree Fields is holding the ball a little too long (although much improved over the FAU game). However, he WR's are not doing him any favors. They are not getting any separation as the play goes on. They are stuck against the DB or sideline. I think this will improve over time as the passing chemistry grows. 

Hate the spots on the CB slide - but from C deck they look about right. 

Penalties - way improved.  Roughing the Passer, oh my

Best wishes to the UC player on his recovery. Again from C Deck, it was weird because we could see he was not touched but went down like a bag of rocks.

Comment 04 Sep 2019

The FAU game was a game for coaching/development. It wasn't intended to be a thing of beauty or a flawless masterpiece. I said in an earlier post that Day is a great blend of Tress and Urban with a lean towards Tress in the coaching/development area. I don't plan on seeing us put up high-50's, 60's or 70's on anyone - especially early in the season - with this staff.

I think Klatt is as good as they come in being objective with analysis. The lens he used to evaluate the Bucks could generate a #8 rating at this point.