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Comment 04 Apr 2020

Classic !


Comment 04 Apr 2020

The in person evaluations of 2021 talent could get interesting.

Securing a medical residency is a very competitive process. It is not unusual for 2-5 programs to have their interviews times on the same day, which makes the candidate self select their priority.

It would be interesting to see, if the college football programs can hold camps in a limited window (say July 7 - 24), whether or not the elite programs schedule on the same days.

Comment 01 Apr 2020

This thread is dripping with irony -

Some say : CEO's make too much/Rich people should give more to the less fortunate/etc.

Some say:  That large schools should cut non-revenue sports to save money

Ohio State is the "rich person/CEO" of Ohio State Athletics. So they should cut football expense to save non-revenue sports or

Non-revenue sports should cut back on their own to maintain their "jobs"

There is some combination of both.  I do know OSU Athletics takes a lot of pride in all their programs and feel athletics provides great life lessons outside of the class room.

Tough choices ahead, if things don't change for the better.

Comment 30 Mar 2020


I've looked at BTN, FS1,Fox College channels (3 of them) for Buckeye football content and nothing.

Perhaps, the rationale is it is still basketball "season" and the football will flow starting next week.

Comment 28 Mar 2020

Agree - although I have my thoughts/prediction. I am not a doctor - nor played one on TV. I tend to be an optimistic realist.

Life is not linear. Things change everyday and the environment reacts to those changes. People/markets hate uncertainty and each day that goes by provides more certainty - either good or bad. 

Even the coronavirus mortality 1.5% rate is not linear. From what I have read 10-49 years olds .02-.04% (much closer to the flu rate than originally thought). Over 80, almost 15%. Other age groups in between. So as we learn more over the next couple of weeks maybe a picture emerges that sends low risk kids back to schools, parents and others go back to work/social life and find a way to "shelter in place" those most at risk. Teachers or workers with underlying health conditions stay home. Maybe hydrox...... and z pack pass an acceptable clinical trial. Maybe in a month we have enough ventilators for those in ICU's. Some good news - it appears those who survive go back to a normal life without any chronic or major side effects. And have the antibodies to fend off or minimize future infections. So solve the mortality piece and it changes everything.

Let's take it a couple weeks at a time. We are in the first quarter/quarter and half of this virus and we are feeling like the first quarter of the B1G Championship game last year against Wiscy. Hopefully, by the fourth quarter of this thing, we are smiling, celebrating like we were as B1G Champs.

Go Bucks ! 

Beat everything !

Comment 27 Mar 2020

Plus a SCum transfer through the portal. I was under the impression Schiano went into his interview with a player analysis and Top 100 list of players he wanted. He's a good fit for that program. Would love to see them schedule Tennessee !

Comment 27 Mar 2020


I can't make yourself a blue blood, like you can't give yourself a nickname. Blue Bloods have long histories, which is part of the definition, of wealth/success/championships. Also, blue bloods are necessarily the most successful teams on the field. Is UCLA a blood blue in basketball? Is Michigan a blue blood in football? I think most of the boomers and some others would say yes, but maybe not others. On the other hand, is Clemson a blue blood in football. I'd say no but their recent cheating success has been noteworthy.


How many programs are blue bloods? Top 10%, 5%, 1% ? Let's say it is 10% - that's 13 D1 college football teams. In another thread, I mentioned only 10-12 college football teams have a chance to make the CFP. Other posters said in it more like 6-8. So, even at 10% that is only 5-6 college lacrosse teams. Maryland, Syracuse, Hopkins, Princeton, UVa, UNC? That leaves, Yale, Denver, Duke, Loyola all recent champions out. (btw I would not consider high school lacrosse in Colorado or North Carolina a hotbed or feeder system to Denver or Duke)


There are only 2 (maybe a third) blue bloods sports at Ohio State - Football and Synchronized Swimming. Basketball (men's or women's) - nope, Baseball - nope.  However, volleyball, tennis, wrestling, pistol and others have routinely competed for conference and national championships.

So maybe the question is how does lacrosse become a consistent top 15 team, making the NCAA tournament regularly and competing for the championship occasionally.

I think the answer is tried and true - recruiting and development. See Wisconsin, Iowa, Sparty in football. None of which are hotbeds of high school football. As a side note to recruiting, facilities always play a role with potential players. While Ohio Stadium is a great venue for football, 1,000 +- fans rattling around in 100,000 seats is not a good look or sound. Jesse Owens, while right sized, has been ruled out because of the pristine soccer surface. So, Ohio State is planning to build a lacrosse only facility with about half of the fund raising completed. Targeted for 2021 or 22. So if you want to help recruiting, crack open that checkbook.

Go Bucks !

Comment 25 Mar 2020

The Canadian player is relatively new to college lacrosse, probably within the last 10-15 years there has been a proliferation of Canadian players in colleges. Yes, you definitely have had Canadian stars in the past like the Gait Brothers, John Grant and Stan Cockerton from way back. However, the Canadian game was mainly box and did not translate well to the field game. Also, I believe the Canadian HS system did not align with the US HS system (5 yrs v 4 yrs, maybe). I think as the college game grew and more scholarship opportunities existed it attracted more Canadian players.

So maybe "latest" wasn't the best word but Ohio State has most recently recruited Canadian players like Jesse King and Joel Delgarno. They currently have 3 Canadians on the roster .

Comment 24 Mar 2020

I'll try to put my thoughts in football terms

Buckeye Lacrosse has had some good years (like football in the 70's), lean years (90's) and great years (post 2000 years). Joe Breschi moved the program from the strong regional phase to the national phase in the late 90's and early 2000's. He did this by ramping up the recruiting nationally. Much like John Cooper, Breschi's on the field results were not great but he ended the All American drought with players like Anthony Russo and Greg Bice. Nick Myers took over for Breschi and has continued the strong recruiting approach as well as national success. I believe the Buckeyes have been consistently ranked in the Top 20 (at some point in the season) over the last 8-10 years. This crazy good for the program. Also, Coach Myers has a very strong record against TTUN.

As far as next steps, Ohio State is not considered a blue blood in lacrosse. So think of an Wisconsin, Iowa, maybe Sparty in football getting 3-4 star recruits and developing them into a team system. You'll have some great years and some reloading/rebuilding years. The Buckeye staff have shaken the trees in Alabama, Texas, Illinois and Florida for recruits and the local area including Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania. As well as, getting talent from the hotbeds of Maryland and New York. They have also shown success in the latest hotbed of Canada. So in my opinion recruiting is strong for Ohio State.

Finally, like a quarterback in football, goalie is the most unique position in lacrosse. Think of the CFP qualifying teams and they almost always have an elite quarterback. Unlike football, most of the elite HS goalies tend to come from Maryland and New York. The 8-10 (that I consider) blue bloods of lacrosse tend to recruit the top 8-10 goalies in the country. (btw 2 of those blue bloods - Maryland and Hopkins - are in your conference, kind of  like the B1G East division in football) We have some some good ones including All Americans Tom Carey ('17), Stefan Schroeder ('08) and Tony Russo ('04) that have lead to team success. I believe  there is a strong correlation between the play of these three goalies and Ohio States NCAA appearances.

Just one person opinion.

Go Bucks!

Comment 14 Mar 2020

Do you think the research that was done was done externally or has that become the OSU message/selling point to running back recruits?

I think it is a Buckeye selling point and a good one which they can back up with Dobbins/Weber (both drafted/to be drafted) and Dobbins/Teague (one a late 1st/early 2nd round pick and Teague 3rd team B1G, 6/7 leading rusher in the B1G closing in on 1,000 yards- as a soph. IK the Dobbins reference is redundant but helps make the point). 

It seems like last year we might have lost out on RB's "who wanted to be the guy" and get early playing time. Now RB recruits are looking at second NFL contracts! Seems like the messaging has changed pretty quickly.