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Why is Nebraska a Legit Threat This Year? What Am I Missing Here?

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July 22, 2019 at 2:01pm

I understand the hype by the national media, I just don't get it from fellow Buckeyes and OSU media. I agree that this could well be a trap game, a la Purdue last year – but that's based on a much better team losing to a worse team. I don't hear many people calling them a "trap", it's always talking about how they're going to be scary good this year. (e.g. Biddle predicted a loss on today's Morning 5.)

Scott Frost is a fine coach. He had a great year at UCF in 2017. That's also the only winning season of his 3 year career. He's 23-15 as a head coach.

Adrian Martinez is a fine QB. 64.6% comp, 17 td, 8 int. (And yes, I'm sure he'll be better this year.)

Nebraska is a difficult place to play - it's loud, their fans are intense and it will probably be a night game. Their home record is 12-16 in the past four seasons.

How about recruiting? For the past four years, Nebraska's average class rank is 22.5 (highest 18, lowest 26) or 4.5 in the B1G. For that same time period, OSU's average class rank is 5.5 (higest 2, lowest 14) or 1.5 in the B1G. (according to 247)

For the life of me I can't figure why everyone's all up on their jock! Is it just a feeling? I'm sure it will be a competitive game, but nothing from a stats perspective leads me to be worried about this as anything more than a potential slip up for our much more talented Buckeyes.


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