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OL Lineup and Depth This Year

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April 4, 2019 at 11:25am

I can't remember when we have had this much depth at OL since UFM came to town. While many of them are not proven as of yet, there are genuine options at a few positions that I think are going to be really good. 

Here's how I see the starting lineup against the Fighting Kiffins this fall

Munford   Jackson   Meyers   Davis   Bowen

Anything other than this would surprise me, really. I could possibly see Meyers and Jackson trading positions, but really this seems like it's locked. The reasons I think it could be Jackson at Center is that Stud seems to like putting his most experienced guy there (Elflein, Price, Jordan), and Jackson has more snaps than even Munford and was honorable mention all-Big Ten. Also, coach Day seemed to hedge on Meyers a bit saying "He's there right now."  But I think it lands this way when all is said and done.

But speaking of depth, Alabi, NPF, and Cupp all seem to be playing well and could step in. Bowen is a swiss army knife as well, able to play 4 positions on the line possibly. I can recall having a "next guy in" scenario with some movement a la Chase Farris in 2014 and Meechy in 2017, but having a few legit options to come in is really nice. It's easy to see why Stud was retained, even if numbers are down in recruiting overall.

Anyone seeing anything different?  Anyone you are pulling for in the position battles? Is there a captain in this bunch?

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