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Comment 09 Dec 2019

Victor had an ugly drop (typical, sadly). I think there was another one by Olave in the first half. 2nd half was pretty clean and yes bailed out was a good description. Fields was better in the 3rd quarter for sure

Comment 09 Dec 2019

To me this is the most compelling part of the matchup, the coaching. BV is elite. RD, KW are elite. Hafley is elite. What will they do and how will they adjust? That will be huge in this game. I think this is really a talent equated game. Jimmy's and Joe's win games, but when they are the same-ish, Xs and Os have to get to work. 

Comment 09 Dec 2019

Welcome to the site VC. We are generally a nice bunch with some decent football knowledge. We welcome fans from all over and have nice interactions from That Team Up North (TTUN), aka the Wolverines. We also still have a great relationship with VA Tech fans from our home and home with them. We welcome you to cordial, insightful interaction. Don't be a jerk, but feel free to be a homer. We are :)

Comment 27 Nov 2019
Ryan Patrick Day. First time head coach goes undefeated and wind B1G. It's unheard of
Comment 17 Nov 2019
So we have Jeff Hafley to blame that Fields won't win the Heisman?
Comment 17 Nov 2019
Speaking of LSU, weren't they in the Herman lottery when he left Houston? They "settled" for coach O when Herman decided on Texas. What a blessing for LSU!
Comment 16 Nov 2019
I've purchased prints off eBay before. It's hit or miss on quality, but you'll figure out what's original by posts
Comment 13 Nov 2019

Chug could make some plays in the pass game and hand it off to Dobbins, but as we saw last year, a QB that is no run threat limits that run game in CFB. I don't think Chug is a Haskins level passing talent to make up for less run game, and he might be on par with Haskins in the QB run dept. For this reason, I think losing Fields means a huge step back for the offense. This is why they look for "something special" in a QB to maximize the offense. Chug is great to keep the train moving against middling opponents. He would beat the majority of the B1G. We would not beat top 5 talent in the nation if we lost Fields. 

Comment 25 Oct 2019
Weather leads to running affair, but not low score for the Bucks. Dobbins has big day. Taylor gets some, but not his usual. JK with 130 and 2 TDs. Taylor 95 with 2TDs. Bucks score on D or ST. 34-17 good guys
Comment 21 Oct 2019

Grant Delpit is all over the field for LSU. I've seen him twice now and came away impressed both times. He plays a different position/role for them, but he's great. That said, I believe JO is in the same company. This will be a fight, and I think he's at least a finalist. 

Comment 20 Oct 2019
Their defense is kinda legit, but Clifford is not that good. Hamlet is good but can be contained with a comparable athlete. Neither of those teams scared me last night. Threat level, low.