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Comment 24 Apr 2019

You are not wrong. He played a style that made him more susceptible to injury. 

That doesn't change the fact that a guy that runs toward people that want to hit him is more likely to be injured than a guy that runs away from or throws the ball before people run at him and hit him. This is a big reason why NFL teams don't run their QBs as much. Business decisions.  

Comment 24 Apr 2019

BDG I hear ya and I too expect a little less when the backup comes in. Nothing against Chug, but there is a reason he wasn't in the discussion for the QB competition this spring. His role was to play scout team QB, get people ready for Saturdays and get a degree for his hard work; not play on Saturdays. Yep, that's brutally honest, but there it is. 

My fear isn't is Fields good enough. He is. But we will have a mostly running offense this season with Fields and Dobbins and some passing mixed in. Fields will likely be putting his body on the line against large defensive players whose bodies are more advanced than his own. He's like 20 years old, maybe.

He's not Braxton, but the comparison is obvious. In 2011 and 2012 Braxton went down with injuries due to his running style of play. I wish nothing ill on him, but statistically, Fields is more likely to come out of games or miss them entirely. I for one believe this will not be a productive time for our offense when Fields is off the field.

I think Baldwin would have given more capability. Martell would have been a great option that scored points and drove down the field. They aren't there, now. 

That's all I think people are saying

Comment 09 Apr 2019

Honestly, this is a piece of the Defense I'm not worried about. I honestly think they will have it all together this year. Arnette was pretty solid last year, really. Fuller is objectively good. Okudah got better and better each week last season, and White is a star in the making. Wade really caught my attention on multiple occasions last year, and he's a swiss army knife. It might be like the OL where we have at least 1 that can come in, and we shift around a bit to fit needs, which gives you a bit of depth. 

If they stay healthy, we are in great shape. If not, that's where it gets dicey, but I think we have enough to make a run there. 

Comment 04 Apr 2019

Yeah thought here was Jackson has played center, experience, and Stud has a proclivity there. They've been raving about Meyers getting it lately, and he was playing guard earlier. But I see your point. There are options and he might get passed over for Alabi at RT and Bowen at LG to get best 5 on the field. 

Comment 03 Apr 2019

Truthfully, I think we are still hurting from the loss of Coach Coombs at CB. No big wins there since he departed, really. That's not to say anything about Coach Johnson, but I get the idea that recruits are not sure what they are getting in their position coach right now. Hoping Hafley can return that recruiting to a position of strength, but recruiting is about time and relationships. I expect great things.

We have plenty of depth to miss a year at DT. I'm not concerned. 

Comment 14 Mar 2019

I often saw Werner overrunning plays last season. He also looked confused fairly often. I chalked that up to poor coaching, really. He plays hard though. Werner not at the same level and not as fast, but I saw Ryan Shazier doing the same early in his career. Some learning and time for the game to slow down will help Werner. I actually expect him to be much better this season. 

Comment 05 Mar 2019

1. No independents in FBS - either you are in a conference and follow their governance or you fall to the FCS automatically

2. NCAA mandates the number of in conference games required and it matches across conferences. I believe this number should be 8

3. Eliminate 1 regular season game based on #2 taking that number to 11

4. Expand the playoffs to 8 teams with automatic bids for conference champs and 3 at large. 

5. Expand scholarship limits to 90. The top end teams will be playing more games, which leads to a 13th, 14th or 15th game for some teams who play in conference championships as well. Having more players on a team is a safety issue help that should be addressed with this many games for these kids. 

And now for some subtleties

6. Move the hashmarks to match the NFL. 

7. 2 stage facemask call - 5 for unintentional and 15 for intentional/PF

8. Allow for a longer extra point of say, 45 yards, that awards 2 points. Move the PAT back like the NFL also. There is no excitement in that part of the game. Getting a 2pt conversion is rare and exciting, but I think having a guy hit a 45 yarder to win the game by 1 is also very exciting. 

Comment 05 Mar 2019

Definitely Fuller wouldn't see a lot of hitting reps. But with a new coach in the backfield hopefully he can get the classroom time. 

Munford he's still young and would have likely seen some time, but reduced. What we'll miss is experience and leadership as the only returning started. Hoping Bowen can fill that gap and become a leader on the OL. We need one for sure