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Giants Not Interested in Scouting Ohio State QB Dwayne Haskins

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March 16, 2019 at 2:02am

Could be a smoke screen but makes sense if you follow the mock draft guys who tend to do pretty well. Haskins has slipped in a lot of drafts to early teens ( Denver, Bengals etc).


Dianna Russini of ESPN reports the Giants are not heavily scouting Haskins and have no intent on taking him in April’s draft barring an unforeseen change.

“About a week after the Combine, I circled back with some [Giants] people like, ‘What are you thinking about Haskins? Do you guys like him? Do you think you are going for it with your No. 6 pick?’” Russini said on ESPN’s Breaking Big Blue podcast. “It was, ‘No, actually. We are not doing a lot of work on him.’

“I spoke to a few people. I’ll paraphrase one: ‘He doesn’t fit with us.’ The idea that they are not going go after a quarterback with the No. 6 pick solidifies they are not giving up on Eli (Manning).”

And I know a lot of folks don't love ESPN but it's out there from others. Lots of rumblings Arizona is going to take Murray at #1 and then trade Rosen to the Giants for the pick they acquired from the Browns..

Gets REALLY interesting if say the Bengals don't want a QB and Denver and Elway go after the guy they seem to love ( Drew Lock).

Then you start thinking maybe Redskins/Dolphins..

It's just an ODD year for QB... Any other year Haskins would be a top 5 lock because any other year you'd have a half dozen QB starved teams picking in the top 15. Just don't have that this year.

Go Bucks!

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