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Martell's "Personality Clashes"

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January 18, 2019 at 1:08am

I've got four questions that arise from the Tate Martell waiver case, and I'd love to hear from anybody who has opinions, information or answers about the following: 

1) I’m especially curious to hear more about the "personality clashes" the lawyer refers to, and I wonder if that information will become public as part of the waiver process? 

2) If Tate was only one semester shy of completing his degree at OSU, couldn't he compensate for that via taking courses this spring and summer at Miami and thus graduate in time for the Fall 2019 season? 

3) Given the current trend lines for eligibility rules in college football designed to expand the rights of players relative to highly compensated coaches in order to achieve greater parity between the two, since players aren't paid while coaches make millions, I wonder if Martell’s lawyer is trying to establish a new precedent for transfer waivers, one which basically says that if it's okay for coaches to change schools to maximize their self-interest (without facing eligibility penalties that require them to sit out for a year), shouldn't the same hold true for athletes?

4) Since the transfer of high-profile players (not to mention coaches) is clearly having a huge impact on the talent level of rosters, isn’t it time for 247Sports / Rivals / ESPN300, etc. to establish new and more comprehensive metrics for fans, such as “Transfer Rankings” or aggregate “Talent Roster Ratings,” which would be periodically updated much like the current “Recruit Rankings?”

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