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Should Ryan Day Cut Tate Martell Loose?

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January 15, 2019 at 3:31pm

Austin Ward of Letterman Row penned an article the other day and says "Yes" that Ryan Day should cut Tate Martell loose and revoke his scholarship as of the end of Spring semester.  https://lettermenrow.com/ohio-state-football/ohio-state-tate-martell-buc...

Austin reasons that Tate isn't returning and nothing positive is going to happen for Ohio State as Tate's twitter thumbs take everyone on his cross country tour and, reading between the lines, that Tate has burned his bridges.  Part of me agrees.  Another part of me is hesitant to cut the ties, although I do agree that Tate has cut the ties.  There is a way to handle this from the high road and not publicly.  This decision has probably already been made by Day and the staff.  There's no need to make it public, which includes informing Tate for he will make it public on his own.  He's not going to take part in Marotti's winter work outs and will probably have his next destination figured out prior to Spring practice, at which time it will be a non-issue and anti-climatic for Tate.  Certainly don't want Tate taking any reps that could go to Fields, Baldwin, and Chugonov and obviously don't want him getting any inkling of Ohio State's offensive or defensive plans that might be worked on during Spring. 

Why bring any attention to the program that could be perceived by Tate and others as negative or used negatively?  Wait and allow Tate to find his landing spot.    


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