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How Much Do You Think Meyer is Currently Involved?

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January 10, 2019 at 11:05am

From the interviews I watched, the quotes I read ("I hope to stay involved"), the proximity he will have as assistant athletic director, and his passion for sustaining the success of the program and culture he has built, I can't help but wonder how involved Urban has been in the recent coaching changes.


Part of me wants to believe he has properly retired and is kicking back his feet at home. And he probably has in regards to recruiting new players.


But the other part of me wonders if Day isn't speaking to him regularly, getting Urban's consultation on the abilities and character assessment of all the guys he has and is looking to hire. It IS Day's first gig as a HC, and I would imagine some help in the transition is necessary so that he doesn't drown in the myriad of responsibilities, or make catastrophic mistakes. Maybe Meyer himself has even been behind some of the reshuffling (A. using his extensive network gauge which coaches are looking to jump and B. getting rid of dead weight he knew about, but was too personally connected to the people to do it himself)?


Just my musings, what are your takes? How much do you think he's actually still holding the reigns?

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