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I Wonder How Tate Martell Feels...

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December 19, 2018 at 2:53pm

To start off, I know Tate will compete and the dude isn't afraid, but you have to wonder how he feels right about now.

Dude comes to Ohio State and has to sit two years, because he had no chance of beating out JT or Dwayne. He sits, matures, learns the playbook, and eyes his shot at 2019.

Season ends, Haskins is projected Top 10 in the draft. Most likely, Tate already knows whether or not Haskins is leaving. He's getting excited. All of a sudden, Justin Fields might be transferring. Now, the same fans he was hoping to play for are clamoring for a QB from Georgia instead. Dudes on twitter practically claiming the job goes to fields immediately. Hell, there are people on this site who started bringing up things like "Tate's not tall enough" "Tate will always hold a clipboard"

This could do two things to the mind. Either it lowers his spirits and he doesn't perform well, or he gets angry and hopes to "shock the world". 

And I'm sorry. I know Fields is an amazing talent. I know what he brings to the table. I just can't see myself rooting for someone who transferred in over someone who's entrenched into Buckeye culture. Its that very same reason I never really liked Sheffield. 

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