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Which OOC Programs Do You Revile the Most?

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December 17, 2018 at 9:49am

I am curious to see which non-B1G programs people in our 11-Warriors community dislike the most, and why? For me, there are two programs I will consistently root against:


1.) Florida- I hate everything about Florida. Their stupid "chomp", their obnoxious fans, their ugly colors, and what they did to us in 2006.

2.) Georgia- I grew up and have lived in the state of Georgia my entire life. I have been tortured by "SEC Pride" in my lovely home state. For a program who hasn't won a thing since 1981, you would think they have won the national championship every year with how arrogant and obnoxious their fan base is. It's toxic. In college, I lived with a Bama fan, a Clemson fan, and a Georgia fan. (2014 was a fun year)


Honorable mention: Texas. Between mocking Drew Lock, constant whining, and the Zach Smith saga, Herman has become the second biggest douche in all of college football. Looking at you, Jim Harbaugh.

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