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Why I’m Glad My Dad Went to Ohio State Instead of Michigan

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December 14, 2018 at 6:23pm

My dad grew up in NYC—and I grew up in the NYC metro area as well.

You could say my dad indoctrinated me at a very young age because my very first 45 was the Ohio State Marching Band.  And, for starters, in terms of the music: you have the Script Ohio vs Hail to the Victors; any objective observer can tell you which is more iconic in the world of college sports.  

So, in the proverbial “battle of the bands,” it’s a no-brainer: Ohio State is the clear winner.

And, naturally, as a huge Ohio State football fan, my dad passed that passion on to me.  And, imagine how miserable my life would have been if he had gone to Michigan instead of Ohio State.

Since I started following Buckeyes football in the 1960s:

—consensus national champions: Ohio State 3, Michigan 0.

—Top 5 of AP Final Poll: Ohio State 21, Michigan 10.

—Heisman Trophy winners: Ohio State 4, Michigan 2.

—victories in The Game: Ohio State has won almost 60% of the time.

—Big Ten titles: Ohio State has won a handful more than Michigan of these as well in that time period.

—coaches: Woody or Bo, Tress or Lloyd, Urban or Jim?  It’s pretty clear whom I would rather have on my side.

What’s equally interesting though is hearing how Michigan fans like to toot their horn about the alleged academic superiority of their school and the qualities of the so-called “Michigan man.”

Well, let me offer another stat—football Academic All-American selections: Ohio State, more than 50; Michigan, fewer than 40.

And, finally, I would like to offer an outsider’s perspective from the East Coast: kids in this area who decide to go to Michigan typically do so because they could not get into any of their Ivy League choices.  So please don’t get all high and mighty about your school.  

The bottom line academically: both Ohio State and Michigan are superb state universities.

The bottom line in college football: Ohio State has been a clearly superior program in the past 50+ years.







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