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Back After Hiatus. What Has Changed?

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December 13, 2018 at 8:51pm

I'm back after a 3-month hiatus.  I couldn't take it on a daily basis all the "negative vibes" surrounding our coach Urban Meyer.  What did he do wrong?  You say he didn't inform the police about Zach Smith after the police informed him and Gene Smith about Zach Smith?  And also you say he didn't confess to knowing about a police arrest report that was not issued?  Well then it's a good thing that Michael Drake got the Board to support suspending him without pay for all of August practices and 3 games into the fall. Right?

Well let's leave all that alone.  So tell me what's new around here.

I know about Urban resigning due to multiple factors-- mostly severe stress from the ingratitude of the university he loves and a brain cyst he's had from birth that combined cause terrible headaches. He said he will not coach again. So what do you think he will do after the Rose Bowl?  Hang around the house and drive Shelley crazy?

And I know about D.J. Byrnes running for a legislative office in the state capitol-- and losing.  Is he coming back to write great stuff for 11W again?  Will he drive his cats crazy?

And I read today that 5-star Ohio recruit Zach Harrison is still hanging out there.  Where do you think he's going?  Will he drive the coaches and fanatics crazy?

An inquiring mind wants to know.

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