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  • SPORTS MOMENT: The Buckeye offensive line smashing huge gaps at will into the Oregon defense for the 2014 championship.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Orlando Pace Pancake House

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Comment 13 Nov 2019

OK, after #2 beat #3, this is no surprise whatsoever.  Our Buckeyes need to just keep winning and preparing for something even bigger than beating our erstwhile rival.

After whipping Penn State at home and blasting Michigan up there, I hope Ohio State will face an undefeated Minnesota in Indianapolis for the championship of the Big Ten.

After defeating 3 top teams in a row, who do you suppose will be #1 going into the playoffs?

And after beating 2 of the very best teams in the nation, who do you think will be #1?

Just win, OK?  It's easier said than done, but that's all that needs to happen.

Comment 28 Oct 2019

This relates to the biggest underlying problem with the Heisman.  There is only one trophy for 100 QBs and 100 RBs and 100 WRs and literally 1,000s of other players.
What if there are 2 or more great QBs, like this year with Burrow and Tagovailoa and Lawrence and Hurts and Fields? 
What if there are 2 or more great RBs, like in 2015 with Zeke Elliott and Derrick Henry?

I confess to being down on the awards since the 1980s. 
How did Keith Byars lose out to an undersized QB playing in a second-tier conference?
And worse yet how did the first $40-million QB Steve Young lose out to RB Mike Rozier? 
Young was bigger, smarter, could throw way better, and even run faster than Rozier.

Comment 28 Dec 2018

Huh?  "Argumentum ad vericundium" as my logics professor would say.  Kevin, what does having taken statistics in college have to do with whether the players and coaches have ill will toward Bosa?

I'll go you one better, I have a BA majoring in Econometrics with graduate level 600 courses in matrix statistics, and also an MBA in Finance, and what I think about Bosa is that....

Comment 28 Dec 2018

RFR, again I don't understand these capricious DVs.  You provide some excellent data, and then get a DV. Perhaps Chris Petersen is an anonymous poster and took offense.

Again, UV to offset.

Comment 28 Dec 2018

ASJ, at times the DVs on here seem capricious. Perhaps there are grammar nazis who wanted to correct and change "who" to "whom."

Regardless, UV to offset.

Comment 27 Dec 2018

And JT scored a TD on the previous play.  They nullified it for a penalty.  So JT backed up and ran it in again.