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Who Are the Playmakers Next Season?

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December 8, 2018 at 10:13am

Parris Campbell, Terry McLaurin, and Johnnie Dixon have all evolved into guys who can either take a jet sweep to the house or run a 9 route and burn the defender. Parris ran a 10.7 100, Terry had the highest SPARQ rating in his class, and Johnnie is undoubtedly quick. Mike Weber has even shown the past couple of seasons that he can house it on a normal handoff. With the first three losing their eligibility and the last likely entering the draft, who do you you envision being the top playmakers next year?

Victor and Mack are both possession guys, though Mack did have a nice deep ball catch against TCU. 

Olave has shown he can get separation, but there is not much of a sample size of the QB launching it 40 yards downfield to him. I think he has potential to be a big play guy next season.

McCall and Gill, in my eyes, will be the the Wilson/Marshall combo of 2014... guys that can get you chunk yardage, but not necessarily true wideout burners.

Harris, Blue Smith, and Saunders are all possession receivers, whether it be in the form of an X or H.

Dobbins hasn’t shown much explosiveness, granted the offensive line hasn’t allow for much of that this season. 

The wildcard, for me, is Garrett Wilson. I think he can have an immediate impact, he is special. He looks ready for college already, but it depends on if the coaching staff will put enough trust into a true freshman to get meaningful snaps.

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