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Comment 14 hours ago

DeRozan would definitely help take a major workload off LeBron and he would be a great addition, but I would almost want the Cavs to try and acquire Kemba or Lillard. The biggest missing piece on offense was a guard who could create his own shot. Not so sure if DeRozan can help with that. Any moves from the Cavs front office would be greatly appreciated though, including DeRozan.

Comment 14 hours ago

Yeah, I view this as an opportunity for Martell to take the reins of the offense whenever Haskins leaves. Once Martell leaves, it’ll be handed over to Jack Miller. Not really intentional from the staff, but it isn’t the end of the world if it ends up that way. 

Comment 14 hours ago

On paper, that’s terrible for the Raptors. But if you look at it from the perspective they’ll never beat LeBron so long as he resides in the East, it could make some sense. I just think they could get a better deal for DeRozan.

Comment 15 Jun 2018

I actually think Kawhi being a potential rental could help the Cavs chances at acquiring him, however slim they are. The Spurs would want to get rid of him for a few assets, and a lot of teams could be turned off if Kawhi won’t commit to them long term. I still think he’s going to LA or NY; Lakers dumping everyone to get Kawhi, PG13, and LeBron is a much better option for 5 years than trying to set up long term with Ball, Kuzma, et al.

Comment 12 Jun 2018

France. I’m enamored with their football team and how it ties into their national identity, culture, politics, etc. I also love the talent on the squad.

Comment 08 Jun 2018

That’s what hurts. Had some leverage to get some good young players and now they get nothing. No Kyrie, no LeBron, Love will probably be traded to a contender. No young talent on this roster, the whole team will need to be blown up.

Comment 08 Jun 2018

I dream of having the passion for life in which Bourdain shared with everyone. He will be missed, dearly.

Comment 05 Jun 2018

Germany not including Leroy Sane in their squad, but instead replacing him with Julian Brandt, is the biggest joke of a selection. I thought Sane was slated to be in the starting XI, but I suppose Germany does not believe in pace.

I think Belgium should be included in that list of favorites. They don’t necessarily have the leadership or finals experience, but they are undoubtedly a top 3 squad in terms of top end talent.