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We're the Manchester United Fan Club... from Ohio.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Game 7, East 4th St watching Cleveland's 52 year title drought come to an end. 1/3/03 and 1/12/15 in Dallas watching the Buckeyes take home the National Championship.
  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: Ron Lewis / Jerry Lucas
  • NFL TEAM: Cleveland Browns
  • NHL TEAM: Columbus Blue Jackets
  • NBA TEAM: Cleveland Cavaliers
  • MLB TEAM: Cleveland Indians
  • SOCCER TEAM: Glory, Glory Man United / USMNT / #SaveTheCrew

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Comment 15 May 2019

All depends on how this season goes, I would say. We all expect a top 3-4 finish in the B1G and sweet sixteen appearance; but if they finish top 6-8 in the B1G and have a first or second round tourney exit, I think it would be a hot take to expect a Final Four appearance the year after. I have a lot of faith in Holtmann, though, and I think these incoming freshman are going to help push the Buckeyes to a new level sooner rather than later. 

Comment 15 May 2019

Beilein is going to be disappointed when he realizes that the Cavs need to finish in the bottom 10 again so that they don’t lose their draft pick to the Hawks. 

If the Cavs drafted Hunter or Culver and are to get James Wiseman/Vernon Carey next year to replace Tristan, I’ll start to feel more comfortable about the roster. 

Next year was going to be bad regardless of the outcome tonight, but it would have been cool to get some excitement from Morant or Zion. Oh well, time to move on.

Comment 15 May 2019

I highly doubt Hachimura will be available at 26, but the Cavs could potentially offload some 2nd rounders along with #26 to acquire Rui on draft night. Culver and Hachimura would be decent additions, but I’m disappointed in not being able to get Morant. He’s the playmaker the Cavs desperately need.

Comment 15 May 2019

I don’t like tanking, but it’s typically the small market teams that tank (although this year is an exception with the Bulls and Knicks). If you want parity in the NBA, those small market teams at some point need some superstars through the draft. This new format gifted the Lakers the 4th pick, which slightly bugs me.

Comment 15 May 2019

I think the Cavs are going to stink for a lot longer from tonight. It doesn’t help that ~right now~ there isn’t a generational talent for the 2020 draft. 

Just have to keep stockpiling assets and hope that Beilein can instill some sort of culture. Next year is going to be rough.

Comment 13 May 2019

Gaffney and Carton both spent a chunk of time as 5 stars. Keep in mind D Russ was ranked 16th as a recruit, only a dozen spots higher than Carton.

Scottie Barnes, the 4th overall 2020 player, is considering Ohio State, although I highly doubt he ends up in Columbus. Once Holtmann starts racking up the wins, recruiting is going to consistently finish ~10-25 and might have some top 10 finishes every few years.

Comment 11 May 2019

Any chance the flood of crystal balls for Rosemy to Georgia came in because Fleming notified Ohio State he was committing there and Rosemy didn’t want to be the 3rd (maybe 4th?) X receiver in a class?

Comment 10 May 2019

That’s definitely Devier Posey from The Game in 2010. But I’m just assuming he used that because a picture of a nut compared to four animals doesn’t look as nice.

Comment 09 May 2019

Vermont spends double on its students, performs at a 20% higher clip on testing, and unlike Alabama, doesn’t get audited by the Department of Education for fraudulent graduation statistics. 

Vermont has roughly $10k more in GDP per capita, 1.5% less unemployment rate, and a 5% less chance of poverty. 

Also, you don’t have have to say Rowww Tiiiii if you live in Vermont. I think the choice is pretty clear.

Comment 03 May 2019

He recently long jumped 23’10”, as well. He’s built like Devin Smith and is gifted with the abilities of a natural receiver. Also, the dude is physical as hell on his blocks. This would be an amazing get by Hartline.