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Predictions on Who Leaves Early for the Draft

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December 6, 2018 at 10:48am

Here are my predictions on who stays and leaves. Jordan Fuller and MJ are by far the most important on getting to return. wouldn't be surprised if either left. Sheffield and Arnette are both also very interesting. What are your thoughts?

  • Bosa,Dre'mont Jones-gone
  • Haskins-likely gone
  • Mike Weber-Likely gone
  • KJ Hill-Likely gone, but mid round pick could choose to stay. Next H-back would have no experience
  • Jordan Fuller-Probably gone, He's good would be a mid-round pick hasn't displayed elite game changing plays a lot like first round safeties. Major win if he comes back due to lack of safety depth
  • Michael Jordan-Probably gone, named an AA despite struggling with snapping. Will move back to guard and be pretty solid.Ben Bredson from TTUN is a higher rated G prospect and came back. Major victory if he comes back with what could be a dominant Oline
  • BB Landers-Likely Stays-Listed as an underrated guy, but being short hurts him will probably stay. 
  • Damon Arnette/Kendall Sheffield-Weird situation here, both have played a lot but under preformed and would likely benefit from another year but the potential of losing out to Wade or Okudah could hurt them.I think Sheffield goes and Arnette stays

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