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I Think I Speak for Most of 11 Warriors when Calling out Hypocrisy by the Committee

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December 2, 2018 at 7:42pm

And every other talking head who shows disdain for OSU. When Ole Miss or Miss Stake beat a powerhouse in the SEC, the narrative is, “oh they cannabalize each other in that league.” But when Iowa or Purdue beat up Ohio State on weeks after huge emotional games for the Bucks, the narrative quickly changes to, “the Buckeyes must be terrible to lose in that conference to inferior opponents.” Two years ago, Clempson lost to Pitt AT HOME but still got in the playoff. Give me a damn break. It’s clear that Michigan is cursing us right now, and I’m glad to mop up their tears of sour grapes. But I’m bitter myself over scrubs like Purdue and Iowa these last two years. Purdue might even finish under .500 this year, and OSU threw in the towel when things went sideways that night. What a recovery though. Great season, Buckeyes! Couldn’t be more happy for those guys winning the Big Ten again. Let’s finish it on another awesome note by laying the lumber to UW. Go Bucks! 

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