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I Have a Few Questions Regarding Officiating/the Rules from the Maryland Game

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November 19, 2018 at 2:34pm

At about 2:30 to go, the QB is pushed out of bounds, yet the clock never stopped. The ref signaled out of bounds, and did not wind the clock. The clock ran down inside of 2 minutes from there.

Second, I thought the offense can not advance the ball on a fumble. The ref threw the black thing down where the fumble occurred, outside of the endzone. Maybe this is just an NFL rule?

While I'm at it, in regards to Johnnie Dixon's fair catch at the 12 yd line...I thought the new rule was a fair catch inside the 25 results in a touchback. Is the final version of the rule that it has to be inside the 10 yd line???

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