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If Bama Loses Today, Let’s Remember 2015.

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November 3, 2018 at 9:13am

Every talks like it’s a forgone conclusion that even if Bama loses today that they will still make the CFP. But since we all lived it, I’d like to remind everyone of the 2015 Ohio State Team and their scenario. I don’t believe anyone in the country didn’t think that Ohio State Team wasnt a top 4 team. But with one loss and four conference champions in front of them with one loss or less, Ohio State had not done enough on the field to get in. It was unfortunate and we were all pissed but the committee clearly had criteria that OSU team did not meet. Now if Bama loses today and everyone else wins out in the SEC, they will be a one loss non-champ in the conference and right now their best wins are against #18 and #20. So if you finish with undefeated Notre Dame and Clemson, one loss Big 12 Champ Oklahoma, one loss Big Ten Champ (hopefully OSU) and a one loss SEC Champ, that 5 more deserving teams in front of Bama. Again, anyone with a football IQ knows Bama is a top 4 team but the precedence had been set by the committee and if you haven’t done enough on the field, you don’t get in. And if the committee doesn’t hold Bama to the same standards as the rest of college football, I think it’s time I get rid of the 4 team playoff.

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