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Tackling Technique Leading to Missed Tackles and Big Plays

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October 22, 2018 at 3:47pm

There have been many comments this season about poor angles taken by linebackers, safeties, corners in pursuit of ball carriers leading to missed/broken tackles and big plays.  Earlier this year in June, 11W posted the report linked below where Ohio State remains committed to "rugby style" tackling technique to make the game safer for players while still being effective tacklers.  


Watching the Buckeye defense this season, it is my belief that this tackling technique is leading to poor pursuit angles and tackles that can be broken more easily.  Unfortunately, I believe the answer to the headline's question of "Can Ohio State's Practice Circuit Make Tackling Safer While Still Remaining Effective?" is NO.  

Watching the videos in the article, I see the same pursuit angles that are causing problems for our linebackers and secondary.  For DBs in particular, I do not believe speed is the issue, its angles and not squaring up with the ball carrier and stop them in a physical way when necessary.  

Thanks for your thoughts, 11W community.

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