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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Football:
    - Undisputed National Championship Run 2014-15
    - Seeing Eddie George's 314 yards against Illinois live in the Shoe
    - Rushing the field after 2002 win over scUM
    - 2007 Final Four and National Championship Run
    - Evan Turner buzzer beater against scUM in B1G Tourney
  • NFL TEAM: Denver Broncos
  • NBA TEAM: Cleveland Cavaliers
  • MLB TEAM: Cleveland Indians
  • SOCCER TEAM: Fayhget about it

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Comment 18 Aug 2017

You mean "Malcolm" Jenkins...he won the Thorpe Award as well.  Dude was an animal.  He was the second and only other Buckeye to win the award after Antoine Winfield.  

Comment 05 Nov 2016

Sure was, Duke '01 to '04 seasons.  '04 was a tough season, but we had a VERY talented young team that would go on to two natty's and well, you know what happened in '06.  And yes, he double-birded all the programs that considered him toxic following his "resignation".  I have so many stories; so, so many stories of Iron Mike.  He found ways to push us well beyond what we thought our bodies and minds could actually handle - even the basketball team thought some of our workouts were insane.  

Comment 04 Nov 2016

Shoutout to my former coach, Mike Pressler.  He has taken two lacrosse programs from the unknown to national championship caliber and playoff contenders, in Duke and Bryant, respectively.  

Comment 06 Sep 2016

Same here, I picked up Pryor with last pick.  My hope is that he proves to be an undervalued and "cheap" pick.  I'd rather take a chance on the ex-Buckeye (that is a physical freak) in the draft than pay up on the waiver wire in a couple weeks!

Comment 24 Aug 2016

I've lived without AC after moving to Denver 5+ years ago.  No bragging here, but I add this comment to say it can be done without sweating your bag off.  Upon purchasing our current home that was built in 1929, my wife and I were introduced to the evaporative or "swamp" cooler.  Check it out...very basic, but effective.  Standing under the main vent is glorious after mowing the lawn, going for a run, etc.