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October 22, 2018 at 12:37pm

Well, here we go again. Stuck in SEC hell after another embarrassing loss by my Buckeyes. Funny as hell to me how when one of their team's lose it's "Well we are in the SEC, or the SEC has won blah, blah, blah so many National Titles. WHO GIVES A SHIT ABOUT THE SEC? Unless you are Alabama what the hell has your team, NOT THE SEC, done? But god forbid Ohio State loses a freaking game and it's utter fucking chaos, excuse my French.

I wake up Sunday morning my Facebook is trolled with about 5 meme's from a (co-worker) Alabama fan. I laughed at first cause some of them were funny and we did get our ass kicked, but here come another, and another, and another, an another all the way up till lunch time. I'm thinking dude......get a god damn life. He has since been unfollowed. Now Bama fans (if not the bandwagon fans born and raised in Georgia)have a right to talk, I get it, but shit enough is enough. Go mow the grass or something.  

Then I go to my phone and the worst of the worst decides they want to participate too. The freaking Georgia fans. They are so bad I have to turn my phone off every Ohio State game because I can't even watch a quarter without being interrupted with an onslaught of texts. Here is what I woke up too Sunday morning after I cut my phone back on. All from the same guy. "You might have cut your phone off, but I know your TV is on"   "If I were a Buckeye my TV would be broke", "You through licking your wounds after that loss". Mind you I'm editing what he said so the educated people understand it since everything he text was horribly misspelled. This one came after I hadn't responded to him all day long. "Hey man it was just a game, you doing alright" Which I finally responded "That was old news as of 11pm last night. I'm fine". Then as to try and get 1 more jab in, just a few minutes ago (This is Monday/noon now) I get a "I'm sure you already know, but the Buckeyes are 11th". My response......"I'm sure you already know, but Georgia aint won shit in 38 years. Worry bout them Gators and let me enjoy a football game once in awhile."

And then a Chicken (Gamecock) had to say something......."Man Perdue whooped yall's asses. HA HA HA PERDUE!!!!!!" From a 3-3 Chicken head.

What the hell is wrong with these fools? Good grief!

To be honest I blame Finebaum and ESPN. ESPN for obviously taking a side when they joined forces with the SEC Network and Finebaum because he always has some troll call in saying he is from Ohio just talking complete nonsense and stupidity that most Ohio State fans with 1/2 a brain would never talk.

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