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6 of the 9 Losses Under Meyer by 10+ Points

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October 21, 2018 at 2:05pm

I find that to be a very staggering stat. Here are the point differentials in all 9 losses.

2013: 10 points to Michigan State, 5 to Clemson

2014: 14 points to Virginia Tech

2015: 3 points to Michigan State

2016: 3 points to Penn State, 31 points to Clemson

2017: 15 points to Oklahoma, 31 points to Iowa

2018: 29 points to Purdue

When we lose, it seems half of the time we lose very badly, including our last 4 losses. Is there any 1 reason why the losses have been of the brutal, beat-down variety? I think the obvious answer is coaching, but I'm starting to wonder if development is also playing a factor. It's one thing to lose a game, but it's another thing to look like you don't belong on the same field as the team you're losing to. We've been blown out by teams with similar talent (2016 Clemson, 2017 OU) and have been blown out by teams made up of 3 star recruits in our last 2 losses.

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