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Didn't Zach Smith Have a Court Date Rescheduled for Today?

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October 12, 2018 at 10:36am

EDIT: I think the ACTUAL court case is FAR MORE relevant and interesting than the contrived media narrative. I know no one wants more of the media narrative, but there's still the objective reality that is out there and important to Ohio State. 

I know, I know... Zach Smith can go away and we would never have to hear about him again. Largely, I think the media crisis of the situation has been over since Tulane.

Whenever the court date happens, it will be news. Minor news if it contradicts the "narrative." Major news if it doesn't bode well for ZS. So...be prepared. 

I AM interested to see if the Powell Police corroborate ZS's account as he seemed to promise they would. Look, if you believe you're in the right, have been falsely accused, slandered, libeled, etc... DISCOVERY is a wonderful thing. And so would a case being dismissed in a court of law.  


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