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Defensive Worries for the Minny Game

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October 8, 2018 at 11:30am

Just to preface, I am very happy with the  6-0 start and am thoroughly enjoying this season regardless of what I see as looming deficiencies.

But this game has me a little concerned and not for the reasons you'd typically expect.  I'm worried the defense will have a totally dominant performance against the 113th ranked Offense and 99th ranked passing defense.  The LBs and S's will grade out as champions and the coaches will be patting themselves on the back, thinking all has been fixed.

Then we roll into West Lafayette the following week to play the 13th ranked passing offense in the country.  Well, you see where I'm going.  Not sure we will be able to read anything from this week's game or not.

I guess the only thing worse would be Minny throwing all over us and Zack A looks like Tua T..  Then the panic level will officially be at E-leven :-) 


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