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Changing the Run Game with Dwayne Haskins

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October 2, 2018 at 3:32pm

So I listen to a lot of Ohio State football podcasts and read a lot of the comments here and I see a lot of people questioning the run game this year, and understandably so. They say the zone read doesn’t work because Haskins is no threat to run so we need to just hand the ball to the running backs. This always makes me yell out loud at my phone. We run a power spread scheme meaning 99% of plays are run out of the shotgun. The coaches were asked about the zone read in a press conference and said that in fact most of the time Haskins is not reading anything and that it is just a normal run play. This brings up my question. How do we suggest we run the ball out of the shotgun. Running out of the shotgun only gives you a few options, you can either run out of a pistol formation, run with a direct snap (which we try and often fail at), or run a zone read style handoff. Obviously we do run out of the pistol set and that works for us, but you don’t want to only run out of this set and eliminate the threat of a run from another set, and we could go under center every so often, but that would also limit play calls and make the intention to run too obvious. So for everybody complaining about the zone read look we’re still using, what else do you suggest we do?

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