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Haskins Technique Issues

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September 30, 2018 at 11:08am

After watching the first half and even during parts of the second half it became clear, Haskins has some growing to do. That’s a broad statement, but I think he’s on the edge of being elite. Alot I’d the yards in the second half came of way of the dump pass. So what happened to the deep ball?

-PSU constantly brought pressure which forced Haskins to move. Haskins showed that while moving his accuracy is almost hard to watch.

-Haskins seems to struggle on grass. I don’t know if it’s a footing issue or just comfort, but he needs to practice on grass way more. 

-He seems to lack a bit of touch when pressured. It’s mainly the WR who can’t handle the heat, but he does need to work on the amount of zip. 

So how does Haskins grow to elite? Personally, I think he needs to just learn one thing. He needs to learn to throw without planting his feet. Anyone who knows football knows Favre did that. He taught Aaron Rodgers. And now a lot of QBs do it. This would help the zip, help the accuracy while moving, and he wouldn’t have to rely on planting his feet. He became so much more immaculate when throwing off his back foot, this could help that.



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