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Comment 16 hours ago

Dang man everyone changed their mind of Martell except for me? Ouch, one spring game and everyone thinks he’s a scrub... coaches love him for a reason guys. He’s a stud. Players love him too, just look at what they said about him when prepping for Oklahoma 

Comment 23 May 2018

To be fair, you don’t make it to the top by making friends in the business. But totally agree with you guys, you need great relationship with community and other recruit analysts. Slowly calming the storm! 

Comment 22 May 2018

Also, advice for 11w, don’t fight the thing that made you. The moment you guys start fighting the community is the moment you lose. It’s up to you guys to mend this stuff, or else you’ll end up losing. You need the community more than the community needs the site, harsh but true. We have many ways to get this info, but we choose to come here. So please fix this relationship between the the writers and the community here. 

Comment 22 May 2018

So, not a fan of the hate towards the site in itself. I love this site and community. Been a member for 4 years and that’s nothing compared to most. But I will say this is the stuff that chased away posters like 305 and grey box. Especially 305 I think. Don’t chase away another great poster like spooner. I’m glad to see the community here backing up spooner though instead of getting on the person. Great community, even tho we are pushing some straight anarchy riot type stuff here hahaha. Sooner, just say you’re sources told you whatever you post hahaha they can’t prove who your source is.... joking... kind of. 

Comment 22 May 2018

Especially since that “inside info” will come out anyways. Even if you hide “trends” for recruits behind a paywall, it’s not like we won’t find out either when they commit somewhere or when someone else just posts a crystal ball that follows trend that isn’t behind vip BS. It’s like people hiding their “sources” rumors for nba stuff behind paywall. Odd they don’t do that but they do it for recruits. 

Comment 18 May 2018

Question: no PAC 12 schools interested?

dont have the stats just feel like they put more QBs in the league than anyone. Them and the BIG 12 it feels 

Comment 15 May 2018

The offense is actually preatty good. Especially when zimmer and naquin are healthy. And once melky Cabrera comes up it’s going to be deadly. My biggest worry is actually the middle of the lineup. The bottom when healthy is way better than the middle. Edwin and Alonso gotta figure it out. 

Comment 15 May 2018

Well the issue is we have a catcher who can be the best hitting catcher in the league as well be preatty good. I’d have Mejia catch guys like Carrasco and maybe Salazar when he is healthy. The issue with Mejia is only his English is a bit rough. So you’d have to match him with someone who can speak Spanish until he learns proper English. It’s a HUGE issue with him but a fixable one. 

Comment 15 May 2018

Things that need to be done:

  • get at least 2 relievers to help.
  • move Salazar to pen
  • drop Tomlin and have the young guy from AAA stay up
  • trade kipnis, move up Chen or trade for  machado or bring up yandy Diaz 
  • get healthy in OF (naquin and zimmer)
  • trade perez and move up Mejia (Gomes is actually having decent year avg wise)
  • move guyer down; bring up melky Cabrera. 
Comment 30 Apr 2018

Best part? Some of, if not most I believe came out early. What a slap in the face to come out early and not even get drafted 

Comment 26 Apr 2018

It’s a smokescreen. Jets want Mayfield bad and so do broncos. People also talking about Josh Allen tweets, need to know he was joking around with friends and quoted two major pop culture things. I don’t believe in any way this kid is racist or anything like that. Made a mistake, tweets deleted in January and are just now popping up which means some team screenshotted them and are trying to get him to fall back to them. All of these things were talked about today on, yes ESPN. But lay off of the kid for a minute, he made a mistake but one tweet was from modern family (“if it ain’t white it ain’t right”) and the other was from D.J. Khalid. 

Comment 21 Apr 2018

I don’t know much about hockey but I’ve watched the series. The jackets just look really sloppy in passes and defense. Caps have a lot of nice crisp passes while the jackets seem to struggle to control the puck at all. 

Comment 14 Apr 2018

I think you tried to come off unbiased but it’s clear you have a preference. I mean based on what today has showed Burrow is the best overall QB? You try and say “oh they all are really good and look good” but then throw in what you want and throw in a comment they isn’t provable based on anything seen from his entire time here or today. 

Comment 14 Apr 2018

I feel they are trying to make other guys look good. I mean Martell has faced the starters about every time. Burrow comes in and faces 2nd/3rd stringers and looks good. Of course Martell isn’t gonna look good. Burrow doesn’t seem to have a zip on the ball and is bailed out quite a bit. The catch to himself, the under throw to victor but a great catch, and just 5 yard dump passes. Martell doesn’t look ready. Haskins is the goto guy. 

Comment 07 Apr 2018

He’s doing great SO FAR. But if I hear this guy compared to Babe Ruth one more time I’m gonna lose it.