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What Would You Do at Wide Receiver This Week?

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September 18, 2018 at 12:53pm

Last week we saw something that I didn't think we would ever see, Austin Mack, dropping the ball, over, and over, and over again.

It totally shocked me, so much to the point that I couldn't even get mad about it as I have done when the likes of Corey Smith and Parris Campbell.

Mack has always been such a solid pass catcher, I never thought he'd be the type to have a game that bad where he just couldn't hang onto the ball, and then get penalized on top of that.

Rough outing for sure, obviously they went back to him and EVENTUALLY he cleaned it up and looked the ball in and got a reception... But what happens this week?

Mack is listed as the starter on one side with Ben Victor behind him. What would you do if you were setting up the DC? Last year, Victor was listed as part of the six-headed monster, and a co-starter, but this year he is listed (without the or) as the second name at his position in the two deep. Would you give Victor the nod over Mack and make Mack work his way back into the rotation? Or try and chalk it up as just a bad night for Mack, let him retain his spot, and see how he responds?

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