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How Urban Meyer Has Watched the Last 2 Games, and How He’ll Watch the Next One During His Suspension.

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September 8, 2018 at 11:39pm

I don’t know Urban Meyer personally, never been to his house, or know if he is a bourbon, beer, or something more exotic (like Mike’s Hard Lemonade mixed with Zima) kind of guy. I can bet the one thing I can predict about UFM is that he was uncomfortable watching the games because he just isn’t accustomed to viewing them on the TV. So I’m curious to hear what you guys think. How did UFM watch the games and how will he watch the TCU game? Did he watch it at home in his National Title shirt and boxers wearing all of his golden pants charms on his version of a turn-over chain? Maybe he dressed in cognito and observed them at a Buffalo Wild Wings with a pitcher of beer and some honey-bbq wings? There is always a chance he camped out at a local Best Buy and camped out in the tv department trying out that new 84” OLED tv he’s been eyeing?! Who knows for sure? Does he watch it alone? With family? Maybe he flew a drone in and watched the game from overhead since he technically still wasn’t on school property? Please share what you think? Or maybe you know?

Im looking for the best and/or funniest answer. The most upvotes will receive a free upvote from myself!

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