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What is Practice Like Now?

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August 8, 2018 at 11:25am

Previous experience as a player and now as a coach (HS) I see the impact the head coach has during camp. He interacts with the players, starts to develop trust both he to them and they to him. He also manages the other coaches and how they impact the players. Do they step on each other's toes? Do they push the players too much? Do they allow the players to fight? Sometimes the HC has to play the "Daddy" role, saving the players from the blood thirsty coaches. I'm not 100% certain what is going on at practice but I would like to think that the team is being coached a little rougher, a littler tougher. It reminds me of going through Marine Corps boot camp. When the Senior Drill Instructor was gone, the other drill instructors were relentless, pushing us to our limits and beyond. When he came back, we would perform with pride for him. We knew what we went through to get to this level and wanted him to see us. I hope that is what we see from our players this year. 

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