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Comment 10 Dec 2018
I'm so angry about it. Buckeyes have only made the Rose Bowl one other time since I moved out here to SoCal. I couldn't make that game and I will be on a plane for this one. So angry. Last bowl game I went to was 2016 Fiesta Bowl..... still hurts.
Comment 25 Sep 2018

Stunting motorcycles used to be my thing. I did some stunts in a couple movies. Got to meet some stars, pretty cool. It was fun but really hard on my body. I have always been a really good marksman. I did some competitive shooting in the Marine Corps and now I teach law enforcement as a contractor. 

Comment 10 Sep 2018

During the TCU SMU game I paid close attention to both defensive lines. TCU has a smaller front four. Lots of missed tackles and let SMU hang in for awhile. SMU rushed three and still found a way to provide some pressure although the backers got picked apart and couldn't tackle well. 

I don't think we will miss a beat offensively. The biggest issues will be with special teams, whether we handle our return issues or we let Turpin get loose. Defensively we will smack them. TCU is excellent at intermediate routes but our backers are way better than what they have seen.

I see another blowout coming for the Buckeyes as Coach Day tries to put a stamp on his head coaching run. 

Comment 04 Sep 2018

Not worried at all. The Defense is learning. Seeing that many players get PT makes me assume we are not 100% on strategies and rotations. That's all good when the offense does it's job and scores more than them. Learn now before the hard games. 

Comment 04 Sep 2018

I think it was nice and smooth. I was worried that he would abandon all reads and start running around with any sign of pressure. It was nice to see him play his role without trying to make it the Tate show. I think that shows he is learning and wants to still be here. 

Comment 04 Sep 2018

The comments are so good. UM official twitter account has the best comments. They keep trying to make motivational posts about upcoming events and they are getting slayed by the fans. I love it. I don't even need to comment to add fuel to the fire. It is a full on dumpster fire already. So good. 

Comment 08 Aug 2018

Yeah, I guess that is kinda weird for people. It is a term picked up from the Marine Corps. The Senior is referred to as "Daddy" by the other hats. He comes in to save the day, end the punishment. A lot of the coaches out here have that military background and it is a term that has just carried over. 

Comment 08 Aug 2018

I just wonder if any of the other coaches are using this as a chance to finally do some things that were normally squashed by Coach Meyer? I don't think it is hard to imagine that type of scenario. I know I have seen it at other levels, just pondering this situation.

Comment 11 Sep 2017

I don't think the team did as bad as everyone thinks. We got robbed on a scoop and score early on. I have no doubts that backwards pass would have been taken to the house if the play wasnt killed. The score should have been 17-3 in the 3rd qtr prior to OU scoring their first TD. The momentum of being 17-3 would have pushed the Bucks harder and possibly changed the way the rest of the game played out.

Comment 28 Dec 2016

We plan to tailgate as much as possible prior to, with a couple trips out to the free pre game party. I'm hoping to find a spot near some other Buckeyes in the stadium lot. I'm bringing my wife and boys (10&18), who have never been to a tOSU game. My buddy is rolling out too. He's from NorCal, Pittsburg High. Played QB when they beat DeLa Salle 91'. Anyway, I have a White Yukon XL, Cali plates. Stop by for some Tri Tip tacos and a beer.