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Ode to Eddie, My Buckeye Hero.

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August 5, 2018 at 10:08am

Today is a huge day for the 99 warriors supplemental. It’s eddie day. It’s the day to celebrate the guy who basically smacked me in the head and woke me up to the epic, and lifetime phenomenon in Columbus known as buckeye football.

this thread is a bit extemporaneous, given that there is a main page post and a follow up forum post, so mods if it must die, I understand, but I hope you’ll read my user name another time and realize this is a post straight from the heart to the man who made buckeye football a lifelong passion of mine. I feel like with all the bad stuff being reported this week, I needed to separate a spot on this forum to explain what 27 has done for me. 

eddie got the ball rolling for me as a buckeye fan when I was 11 years old. Seeing him torch the entire country in his Heisman winning year when he set the single season rushing yards record is something I will never forget. I still see images from that season in my dreams.

i met eddie in 2014 and he signed my Heisman ball (I have a game used Ohio state football signed by him, Troy, hop, and Archie) I told him he’d been my favorite buckeye for nearly twenty years, and I admit, some tears leaked out when I thanked him for making me a buckeye for life. 

He was so humble and so appreciative of my passion. He stood up from his table, gave me the “bro hug” and said “hey man, folks like you are why guys like me played so dang hard. Thank you.”

i will never forget what Eddie George gave me as a fan. Thanks 27

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