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May 24, 2018 at 11:08am

This is not a knock on the writers of 11W in any way, they are FANTASTIC and they do their job extremely well, I know there are many readers that enjoy these articles (not the only OSU centric site that does it btw), can't recommend this site enough...that being said, am I the only one that never reads the articles with respect to TTUN...I hate seeing them, I hate reading about them, speculating on them, wondering if their QB is this or that, Harbaugh said blah blah....I hate that team, I only regard them during the week we play them and that's it....I don't like to look at em, see them, know them in any way except when we play...then I want to forget about them til we play them again. Yes, I am aware of the headline type stuff, I know who their QB will be, etc...but beyond a quick headline, I ain't readin' it....don't care, doesn't matter, don't want to know....I only care about beating them, period....other than that they don't matter.  Yes they are important because they are the rival, believe me I get it....that's probably why I can't stand to give em a thought....anybody with me.

PS: I am not this way with any other team in any sport....just with my beloved Buckeyes.

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