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Monroe, OH (via Cincinnati)

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I've been a Buckeye fan for as long as I can remember....grew up with my Dad rooting for the Bucks during the end of the Woody era and have bled Scarlet and Gray ever since.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Beating Bama in 2015
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Chris Spielman, JT Barrett, Archie G and John Simon (all fierce competitors)
  • NFL TEAM: Bengals
  • NHL TEAM: 'Jackets
  • MLB TEAM: Reds

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Comment 05 Dec 2019

If you like seeing QBs ruined then root for the Bengals to take JB, the line is terrible and until that's fixed don't wish that on JB.

Comment 04 Dec 2019

Actually that's a helluva lineup and an oddly satisfying thought....I think of useless stuff like this sometimes, glad I'm not the only one.

Comment 04 Dec 2019

Myers is nasty (in the best way), that dude has some attitude when he plays, damn good center and a key to that line....now our pass pro....cough cough tackles need to get on track quickly.

Comment 03 Dec 2019

There was a thread on this topic on the mgoblog, they were pissin and moanin about the amount of Buckeyes in the crowd.....some of my favorite reading of the year is the mgoblog the day or two after the OSU ass whoopin.....they estimated 20-30% Bucks....I'd say it was 30% minimum.....and about 80% at the end !  It's worth a read.

Comment 25 Nov 2019

Broken fingers, thumb, fractured ribs, bruised pericardial sac around my heart, etc....but the craziest was in HS playing a scrimmage, I went up for a highly thrown short pop pass for a first down (I was a tight end), as I came down two guys hit me at the same time, one right under my helmet, the other on the side of my helmet, it flew off and the impact was so hard that my lower teeth went through my mouth piece, I was out for a few secs, coaches came and walked me to the sideline, nose bleeding, face killing me.....I checked to make sure I still had my teeth....I remember swelling immediately but didn't know what was wrong.....my Mom comes down to the sideline behind the bench, "what's wrong", I sort of mumble something to her...."well you're going back in right?"...."yeah"....she was a football mom through and through ha ha....turns out my nose and orbital socket were both broken on that play (found out at hospital the next day)...as we rode the bus home I remember my coaches actually laughing a bit at how swelled up my face was and making light of it. For the record I hung on to the ball.  FB was a little different 30 yrs ago ha ha.

Comment 22 Nov 2019

I want to see this movie, heard it was good. BTW there is a pretty good documentary on Netflix about the whole Ford vs Ferrari saga.  Also the GT40 mk II is a sweet car but the mkIV that followed was ridiculous!

Comment 20 Nov 2019

If the Bucks play him/LSU then I of course want the Bucks to stomp their ass...but the notion of him "taking a Heisman away...." is just ignorant, he's earning a Heisman if he gets it, he's a damn good QB....JF's only issue is he's only had to play about 1/2 the game time this year, not his fault....LSU's D has forced JB to stay in games and rack up big stats.

Comment 19 Nov 2019

Of course he understands the weight of these 2 games and the rivalry(s)....even w/out the rivalry, these are must win games to accomplish the goals the team has in mind....I don't really understand the need for this post/question, it seems ridiculous.

Comment 06 Nov 2019

Nothing if you want to express yourself....you do want to express yourself don't you?

Comment 05 Nov 2019

The only "lights out" will belong to any QB that has to play behind that sh*t show of a line.

Comment 01 Nov 2019

Some people hold their values above music, television, movies, etc,....they don't have any other way to "protest" these folks other than to not watch/listen to/support/give money to their artistic endeavors, that is their right and I respect that.  There are plenty of people I'll no longer support because of their stances on things, I just can't bring myself to give them my time or money...to many of us that is more important than a movie or a song.

Comment 31 Oct 2019

I don't have much to add other than have a great time, Madison is a really nice city and a great college town....situated between two lakes it's an awesome place to eat, drink and watch a game.

Comment 16 Oct 2019

I think for college it's ok because the names and numbers change so for the most part it's just the ultimate game-day team centric item.....but I don't wear them outside of game-day. As for the NFL, I think as a 47 yr old man it's ok to wear the legends/HOF'ers, but buying the latest 21 yr olds name and number on my back as a grown man seems ridiculous.

Comment 16 Oct 2019

Personally I think Clay Matthews and Chase Winovich have a bad look with their flowing hair but it's their hair so who gives a sh*t....maybe I'm just jealous that I have a vanishing hairline and they can still rock the Fabio. I think the dreads/braids look pretty cool, but man I would hate to get any long hair grabbed or snagged out there on the field.

PS: Chase Young's hair is awesome.