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Do We Need to Spend More Money for Assistants?

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January 20, 2018 at 8:08am

I was looking at some assistants salary and some are making well over 1 million dollars. Guys who make that much will rarely take a drastic pay cut to coach at a mid-tier program. Guys like Bret Venables makes 1.7 million and still a D.C. I always wondered why he is not a head coach. His salary dictates that staying at Clemson until a prime school comes along to give himself more money. Kirby Smart same situation. He stayed at Bama until Georgia came calling. I  ask the questions because picture us keeping Tom Herman for two more seasons because we paid him more and Houston couldn't afford him. Could we have won another Natty? Coaching cohensiin makes it easier to maintain high levels of play. I say that for the current staff like a Ryan Day who is an up and coming coach who could stay here for several more years if we come off of the money. I know Greg Schiano will be gone for the big bucks and Chris Ash would've still left but if we learned anything it's that assistant coaches matter. It matters in recruiting, play calling, scheme, and execution.

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