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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2002 BCS National Championship game.
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Comment 03 Mar 2020
I would love for us to get him. Let him know that he must tight rope. Sometimes it's best to get away from all of the people in your ear. I would look at taking both Evan's and Sampson. I can see a few transfers happening as well as maybe a medical dq.
Comment 18 Feb 2020
Lackluster is a bit much. Since Chip Kelly left I never thought they could win it all. They also haven't recruited great and are top 25 but 5 years ago they were a top 10 team. Over the last 5 years Oregon record is 41-24. That's an average of 8-5.
Comment 18 Feb 2020
Colorado is a school where you can have a top 25 in a few years. Scottsdale and Phoenix are not far away. Vegas and California have really good talent as well. Keep top kids in Colorado and recruit surrounding states with playing time and it can work. Colorado should be able to get enough good kids regionally where if your a coach you can contend for Pac12 title. No school in California is winning and Oregon is lack luster still. Utah is still not respected. Arizona state and Arizona are not perennial powers. Pac 12 wide open. Honestly Colorado should've already called Joe Brady. His offensive pedigree would attract alot of talent. Brian Daboll, Robert Saleh, Eric Bieniemy and Dirk Koetter are all coaches I look at before Bert.
Comment 13 Feb 2019

Coach Mick will get the depth right. Tomorrow is the day of days. St Valentine’s Day massacre. This will be fun.

Comment 10 Jan 2019

If you believe in your skill set then why leave until you lost the job? Hopefully he didn’t believe that the job was automatically his. You got to earn it. High school ranking are just that. College is different. Get off of social media complaining and get to learning playbook, throwing to wr, being the first one in and last one out. Work ethic can take you a long way. 

Comment 09 Jan 2019

I completely agree but some of it is evuaktiin if talent. Luke Kuechly went to BC. Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce went to Cincy. Andrew Donnal I went to Iowa, Dowell Brothers are at MSU. Justin Layne at MSU. Most of these guys are pro or starters for power 5 conference teams. We didn’t recruit either of them hard. They’re all from the great state of Ohio, The list goes on from James Daniels, Le’Veon Bell, and others. We have lost in past 12 years three potential NFL hall of farmers from our state in Kelce, Bell, and Kuechly. We nee pd to recruit better.

Comment 08 Jan 2019

Why are the coaches not leaving? I know Venerables makes 2.2 million a season. I guess it’s about paying staff and some are content on being on the staff instead of head coaches form lower schools and make less money.

Comment 07 Jan 2019

I hope Alabi starts next season at rt. NPF needs to put on more weight and I can see Alabi start to figure things out. He looks like he could be a great rt especially in pass pro. He needs to get stronger at the point of attack in the run game. I think he was really nervous but really good. Alabi, Munford, Myers, Davis, and Bowen would be a great line imho.

Comment 06 Jan 2019
O lineman is the hardest position to project. Several reasons such as body development, growth, and the technical aspect of the position. Very few true freshman start. It takes one or two seasons to usually get them accustom to speed, technique, physicality, confidence and body growth. O line is the hardest position to play in football. Blitz pickups, stunts, assignments, knowing where your teammates are going to be.
Comment 05 Jan 2019

Nothing is given but with that being said he deserves the chance to earn it but starts as ga. I think he doesn’t want to lose his job for another job that doesn’t play much.