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Offensive Woes

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November 9, 2017 at 4:44pm

Ever since the 2014 (2015?) season, the offense has struggled a lot in big games. First we wanted Herman gone, then Beck and Warinner, in hopes of the offense coming to fruicion in big games. Now we have Kevin Wilson who is an excellent offense mind in my opinion, but the offense is still struggling in these big games (besides one quarter and a half versus Penn State). 

Something I am having troubling swallowing is the fact that our offense is filled with 4-5 star athletes, a QB veteran and a great offensive mind behind it all, but we are still getting pounded on this side of the ball. Another thing that has been beat like a dead horse, is the fact that we have a phenomenal back J.K. Dobbins running the football, but he is never on the field. This has happened with Zeke Elliot and Weber in their own respective games (maybe even with Hyde too.)

Instead of running our running backs who are consistent and give us good chances to win the game, we end up running out quarterbacks to death and losing/coming close to losing these games. 

My question is this; Why is it that Urban Meyer is shying away from utilizing our running backs, and not letting the offensive coordinators have full control of the offense. It is pretty clear now that they don't, all things considered.  

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